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Updates in Novapoint Area Planning

Updates for all countries:

  • Connecting areas in large plans have been improved and are now faster

Updates for Norwegian version

  • Adding minor changes for an area plan made in PBL 1985 using PBL 2008 can be done
  • Export of SOSI 4.1 with both PBL 1985 and PBL 2008 is ok.
  • Import of SOSI 4.1 with both PBL 1985 and PBL 2008 is ok.
  • ..VERTNIV has been added as a general properti that can be set in SOSI-head setup.
  • New plan types for SOSI 4.1, mixed PBL has been added for both detail and municipal plans.
  • Sometimes correct polylines where not included in the export due to problems detecting if the line was inside the planning area. This has been corrected
  • Import of plan from SOSI has been improved

Updates for Swedish version

  • New category under symbols in Illustration plan with illustrations of boats
  • Changed the symbols for building heights and height over 0 to not include + sign.
  • Legend has been improved

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