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Novapoint 16.30 sp1d

Released: 2008-03-06

Updates Novapoint Landscape

Land Use Disposal and %-ual Plant Distribution

Fixed a problem where a defined plant mix could disapear when disconnecting and reconnecting an area efined by a node only.

NP Description Browser

Fixed a problem where plants could be reported for both hatches when using double hatch.

Updates in Novapoint Road

A version compatiblity check is done when opening a road model.

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Crash when opening drawing
Some user have had problems with the program crashing when calling the first noise function after opening specific drawings. This error is corrected.

“Profiling error” when calculating with reflections
When there are buildings with distance 0m from each other, one can get a “Profiling error” when calculating with reflections. This error is corrected.

Increased number of points in terrain profile
So far there has been a limit of 1200 points in one terrain profile before getting a “Profiling error”. This limit is now increased to 2400 points, since this can be necessary when calculating in dense triangle models.

Missing points at facades
After creating facade points for buildings, one facade of the buildings could be missing a facade point. This error is corrected.

Switch of XY coordinates for points
The X and Y coordinates for calculation points where listed erroneously some places, with X and Y switching places. This is now corrected.

Updates in Novapoint WS

  • Fixed error which made it possible to change projects when the construction dialogue was open
  • Fixed error that occurred when constructing trenches in road models designed using advanced ditch definition

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