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Novapoint 17.00.SP1

Release date: 2008.01.01

Updates in Novapoint Base

Work in progress! Text will follow soon..

Updates in Area Planning

Work in progress! Text will follow soon…

Updates in Novapoint Landscape

This service update adds new functionality in Novapoint Landscape and also enhances the quality of existing functions.

New functionality

Leveling Tools

Leveling Tools is a totally new group of functions in Novapoint Landscape helping you when calculating levels in your project. This function automatically calculates the next point height based on the distance and slope from the previous point. At any time you can fix the height or slope. When the points are set out a slope arrow shows the slope between the points as percentage or a fraction.

The function has two modes; 'from reference' keeping the first point as reference(i.e. drain) or 'running' continuously setting the previous point as the reference(i.e. ramps, paths, roads):

You also have tools for adding and editing point heights and slope arrows:

The slope arrows can be toggled on or off:

The Setup lets you choose the prcision for heights and slopes, you can also choose to display the slope value as percentage or as fractions.

Points and slope arrows are set out at their true heights and can be saved to the terrain model to be used for calculations of contours, triangulations etc.

Styles for Leader Annotation

You can now use multiple setups for Leader Annotation simultaneously. A Style is defined by a name. The setup of a leader can be changed from a drop down menu on the palette for the Leader Annotation, and new leaders are made with the current style:

The Leader Styles only have effect in the current drawing the same way as other styles in AutoCAD (i.e. text styles), you can have different styles with the same name in open drawings, without interference.

Forward compatiblity

Leaders from previous versions of Landscape is read by the function an is converted to the style ”Standard” when the drawing is opened. (The function must be running, call it from the menu in advance). All leaders will be updated according to the standard style and might look different at first, edit the settings to make the leaders look like before. The new styles are not compatible with older versions of Landscape, and will be treated as text.

Defining a Style

The Setup is defined the same way as before. By using only the setup ”Standard” the function will behave almost like before. To use more setups, klick the button ”New” in the upper part of the dialog and type a name for the style. Click ‘Apply’ to store the style. All three panes and the setup in the lower part of the dialog(arrow, layout, layer) are stored in the style.

Editing a Style

Choose a style from the menu in the top of the setup dialog to edit it. After editing click ‘Apply’ to store the changes. Click ‘Close’ to exit. All the leaders will be updated to the styles when the dialog is closed.

Tool tips

The Tool tips in Novapoint Landscape is greatly enhanced and shows properties and descriptions on all kinds of objects. Turn on 'Tool tip' from the menu Landscape→Setup>Tooltip.


For symbols the properties; code, description #1 and description #2 are displayed:


Lines from the line library display; OBJECTIDs, feature codes for the topology and the name of the lines in the line library. In addition, lines with descriptions to be quantified will show; code, description #1, description #2 and length:

If you have put percentual plantdistribution on a line, this will be shown instead of the lines descriptions:


On areas tool tips will display: category, area type, ObjectIDs and feature codes for topology and acreage. Plant distributions will be shown as; plant short name, botanical name, lokal name, code, percentage and quantity(number of plants).

Description Browser and Area Browser

The extract of descriptions and quantities can be sent directly to the application Excel (or similar) by pressing the button <Report to Excel>. The quantities are saved as a .csv file (‘comma separated values’ with semicolon as separator). If Excel is installed the file will Auto-open in Excel. The menu choice ’Landscape→Quantities→Area Calculation to file’ is replaced by this function.

General fixes

Construct Lines and Polygons

Parametric Sport Field

The toggle option for including sport field name in layer name works.

Draw Grid

The default value for the prompt ‘Draw?’, when drawing grid, is set to 'Yes'.


Delete properties from lines

This new tool removes all properties on lines that was drawn with the line library. Both quantity descriptions and topology features are removed. These lines will no longer define the areas when using the function Land Use Disposal or be included in the Quantities.

Plant design

Set out plant symbol Solitary and Alley

Botannical name can be added to the layer name in the plant set out dialog. This makes it easier toisolate plants on different layers when using Virtual MAP.

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