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Novapoint 17.00.SP1a

Release date: 2008.02.01

Updates in Novapoint Base


NCO-Export Now reports an error if the geometry isn't OK. You can still continue the export.

Updates in Area Planning

Annotation on defined area

Calculation and annotation of areas is now corrected and no longer gives a wrong result if the number of decimals is set in Units and you switch between the area in m2 og daa.

Swedish config: Legend

When column with is set to 160, the line breaks is no longer incorrect.

Updates in Novapoint Landscape

Land use Disposal and %-ual Plant Mix

Fixed a problem where a plant mix assigned to an area, defined by a node only, could vanish when the area was connected and disconnected.


Tooltip now reports Acreage from defined areas instead of Circumference.

Plant Setout

Botannical name can be inserted into the layer name also when using the setout modes 'Row' and 'Field'. The various functions for plant pattern has been removed.

Menu Changes

The menu has been updated to clearify Landscape.

Menuitem 'Terrain Section'

The menu choice 'Terrain Section' has been removed. The function 'Draw Section with symbols' is removed, but is still found in Base→Tools as 'Draw Symbols To Terrain Sections'.

The Function 'Construct Section' has been move into the Terrain Design sub menu. The function 'Construct Section' Draws a profile based the z-value of a set of given points. Terrain sections are drawn from Base or Terrain.

New Toolbar

The toolbar ’Landscape II’ contains the essensial commands in landscape. It is adapted to the flow of work in Landscape and prevents your workspaces from being cluttered by to many toolbars. The most common commands from line library, land use disposal, plants and quantities are collected, making you work even faster and saving your eyes.

Updates in NP Road

Intersection - Tools

When running on AutoCAD Map 3D 2008, the function did not draw.

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