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Novapoint 17.00.SP2

Release date: 2008.02.27.

Removed the view/edit control button

The button in the terrain model viewer, where you could control if you wanted write or read access to the terrain model is now removed. The logic in the software of when the database should be open for read or write, is now handled separately in each function used. That means the system will now open the database for writing, each time you use features like triangulation, import, etc. As a user, you should be aware that you can now move points, and change their coordinate, without activating the write controle button as you did earlier, but you will get a warning if you want to make the change.

Export triangle model to LandXML file

It is now possible to export the result of a triangulation to a LandXML file. This LandXML file can be read by most interacting software to Novapoint. It can also be used by most machine guidance systems for excavators etc.

Feature code description to AC

Feature code description can be written to the description field in AutoCAD layers.

Group/Feature code dialog

New options: empty group in Terrain Model. Group content will be deleted, but properties kept. Terrain Model properties, can sort by clicking column header.

Draw points to Autocad (point style)

Points in the Terrain Model will be drawn to AutoCAD as points (not circles as before).


Import of Belgium format (TOPO WinSTAR).

Import triangle model LandXML file to Terrain model

It is now possible to import a LandXML TIN file (with the object <surface> and <breaklines>. LandXML TIN file is a filetype that can be produced by most interacting software to Novapoint.


Changed the plot configuration → all printers/plotters should now be supported

Updates in Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner

  • improvement: Redesign of setting dialogue.
  • improvement: Improved functionality for “Technical Documents Parcel” (TDP).
  • improvement: A few modifications in the pull-down menu.

Updates in Novapoint Road

Horizontal alignments

  • In Alignment Syle Editor several improvements have been made. Stability issues solved. Select color by clicking in color index. More drawing elements are available.
  • Transitions will not be drawn as arcs when pick from drawing is used to redraw alignments.

Draw Road

  • Slope symbols was missing and not drawn correct in transitions between cut and fill. Slope symbols and road edges were not drawn correct if first or last chainage had decimals.

Cross section Drawings

  • If there are gaps in Sub-surface layers, the terrain line will be broken.
  • Chainage numbers were without decimals (SWE).
  • Elevation text was placed wrong (SWE).
  • Datum line had incorrect length (SWE).
  • Wrong layer names for quantity hatch (SWE).
  • Danish cross section drawings implemented.
  • Cross section Layout Generator is faster and will handle title blocks correctly.

Longitudinal Drawings

  • If there are gaps in Sub-surface layers, the terrain line will be broken.
  • Quantity annotations in longitudinal profile (SWE).
  • When performing Draw Longitudinal Profile from Terrain Model a Road Profie, the terrain profile can be drawn in a Road Style profile.
  • Tanzania style available.

Road Model

  • In earlier versions of Novapoint, Deep Blasting was enabled only if road surface was within a rock material. Deep Blasting will now be enabled if the theoretical Deep Blasting surface is in rock material.

  • The depth of Deep Blasting was previously defined from the bottom of the road bed. This will now be defined from the road surface. Note: This will result in different cross sections and quantities than for pre 17.00.SP2 road models.

  • Roundings will now always be inserted when specified.
  • Softspot removal in combination with topsoil gave wrong quantities.
  • A warning is given if the user opens a 17.10 road model with Novapoint 17.00.
  • Error corrected for export and import of wireframe feature code settings.
  • Intermediate chainage points will be generated for the alignment tangent points. Both for main calculation alignments and alignments used to define surface edge.

Export road model to LandXML Tin model and breaklines

  • A new LandXML export is made for the choice “Project” in the Road Model – Setting out menu. The LandXML (Trimble) will produce a file that contains the road model described with LandXML <surface> object (TIN), and surface edges described as LandXML object <Breakline>. This LandXML file can be read by most interacting software to Novapoint. It can also be used by most machine guidance systems for excavators etc.

Vehicle Track Analyzer

  • Bug fixes and improvements of track calculation.
  • Bug fixes and improvements in drawing and edit of results.
  • New Norwegian design vehicles are defined.
  • New French and Finnish vehicle symbols are included.

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • improvement: Functionality for swap direction on chevrons added to edit dialogue.

Belgian version

  • bugfix: Quantity table was not working.

Norwegian version

  • improvement: Linetype “Fartshump” added.

Updates in Novapoint Road Signs

Danish version

  • bugfix: F21.3 & E21 crash AutoCAD.
  • bugfix: Not possible to edit reference line between pole & sign in Road Sign Standard.

Finnish version

  • bugfix: Incorrecy distance between letters L and A.

French version

  • improvement: Some variable std. signs added.

Norwegian version

  • bugfix: 701; Some arrows missing
  • bugfix: 711; Some arrows missing
  • bugfix: 727.3; Molde & Kristiansund symbol mix-up

Updates in Novapoint Bridge

French cross section library

A new cross section library file for French cross section types is included in the Bridge Professional/Template directory

All the actual polylines are now shown in the Register Polyline Dialog

All the registrated polylines at the same chainage number are now shown in the Register Polyline dialog.

Errors when registrating points of type 4-5 are corrected

It is now possible to register and change points of type 4-5

Correct language

The commands on the command line and the text in some dialogs are now shown in the correct language according to the configuration file. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English are the supported languages.

Coordinate error when saving som cross sections is corrected

The cross section doesn't move anymore when redrawing after saving for the very rare situations we have discovered.

Updates in Novapoint Railway


Railway switch symbols are modified to draw on color and linetype Bylayer.

Novapoint District Heating

This is the first version of Novapoint District Heating, released in the Swedish Marked only.

It contains tools to make it easier and better to work with district heating projects.

All objects and lines are saved in a model. Totally integrated into the Novapoint DTM.

For more information take a look in the Helptext

Updates in Novapoint WS

Improved pipe and trench geometry:

  • Pipe foundation thickness can be updated according to the lowest pipe in the ditch.
  • Manhole bottom level can be updated according to the lowest pipe in the manhole

Improved editing functions in the construction:

  • Possible to move manholes horizontally, without moving the pipes.
  • Easier to interpolate and to set gradient. Several pipes may be selected at the same time, for selected trench sections as well as for the whole trench.

New, web based help function.

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Possibility to show more noise values
The following noise values can now be shown after calculation:

Lday, Levening, Lnight, Lequ, Lmax, Lden and LmaxNight

Noise contour lines can also be produced for any of these values.

Freetext names for roads
Naming of roads/railroads can be used by giving freetext names, not only the norwegian road reference system.

Easier selection of roads/railroads
There is now an extra field for setting a line as road/railroad in the dialog “New road/railroad”.

Adding values for roads/railroads
It is now possible to add together calculations for roads and railroads done in one calculation.

Coordinates are given in East/North instead of XY
All coordinate namings are changed from XY to East/North.

Possible to select period lengths
According to directive 2002-49-EC, the national authorities can specify different period lengths for day/evening/night than the default value of 12/4/8. All the allowed variations can now be selected, in addition to a possibility to select calculation for only 2 periods: day (16h)/night (8h).

New help system
All help is updated and is available through This will now be the only users manuals and help system.

Crash when opening drawing
Some user have had problems with the program crashing when calling the first noise function after opening specific drawings. This error is corrected.

“Profiling error” when calculating with reflections
When there are buildings with distance 0m from each other, one can get a “Profiling error” when calculating with reflections. This error is corrected.

Increased number of points in terrain profile
So far there has been a limit of 1200 points in one terrain profile before getting a “Profiling error”. This limit is now increased to 2400 points, since this can be necessary when calculating in dense triangle models.

Missing points at facades
After creating facade points for buildings, one facade of the buildings could be missing a facade point. This error is corrected.

Switch of XY coordinates for points
The X and Y coordinates for calculation points where listed erroneously some places, with X and Y switching places. This is now corrected.

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