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Novapoint 17.00.SP2a

Release date: 2008.04.03.

Updates in Novapoint Base

NCO on AutoCAD lines

The NCO function used on an AutoCAD line will now start the new function for drawing setup on horizontal alignments instead of the old function.

Draw map from terrain model / Draw map from file

Novapoint 17.00.SP2 introduced a new choice for layer structure when drawing map from the terrain model or from files. This choice, Layer definition and description, unfortunately caused an error when combined with Use color Bylayer causing the function to draw all lines on layers 0. This has been corrected in SP2a and you can now draw the map with bylayer colors on correct layers and get the feature code text in the description field in the Layer dialog in AutoCAD.

Label 3D-contour(s)

The old function for labelling 3D-contours is now replaced with a new function with more choices for labelling 3D contours. The function has three choices: · Distance between labels · For each n points · Between selected point with the possibility for labels on midpoint on short contours

The first two choices have the parameters distance in meter and number of points. The third choice asks you to point at start point and end point in the drawing, and the labels will be drawn on all 3D lines crossing the to selected point. The function automatically repeats and you can point at a new endpoint until you end the function using the enter button. The start point and end point will define the direction of the labels.

All three choices have general parameters like number of decimals and text height in millimetre. In addition you can select using text mask and the offset value for text mask.

Closing the function you will be asked if you want to undo the labelling or not. Choose Yes to undo the labelling or No to draw the labelling.

Help file for the road module on the Danish installation

The help file for the road module has been updated on the Danish installation.

Updates in Novapoint Area Planning

Connect text to borders – layer 0 locked

It is now possible to connect text to borders even if layer 0 in the drawing is locked. In earlier versions layer 0 locked could cause AutoCAD to crash.

Editing properties – without connecting text to borders

The function is now corrected so it is possible to edit properties on text even if the text is not connected to the borders.

Connecting text to borders – 3D lines

It is not possible to use 3D lines as borders in an area plan. In earlier versions this could cause AutoCAd to crash if one or more borders where 3D lines. This is now changes so you will get a dialog saying there is 3D lines with border properties in your drawing. Press OK in this dialog and the function will continue and connect text with borders as normal. Areas with 3D lines as borders will not be connected. In stead the function will mark the start point and end point of these 3D lines using AutoCAD’s Point style. The point will be placed on the layer _Errormarking-3D. If you do not see these point start up Format and Point Style and select and point style with circles and / or crosses. The figure below shows and example:

Connect text to borders – changing unit and numbers of decimal on area labels

In previous versions changing the area calculation from m2 to daa or the other way around caused the calculation of areas in area labels to fail when combined with changing the number of decimal under Format and Units. This has now been corrected and it is possible to change both unit and number of decimals on area labels without problems.

Updates in Landscape

Plant symbols

Plant symbols with plantpoints and annotation will always keep the reference to its own leader and plantpoint when AutoCAD COPY, MIRROR or ARRAY has been used to duplicate symbols.

Leader annotation

Leader annotation on areas will be updated also after disconnecting and connecting the areas.

Updates in Novapoint Road

Vehicle Track Analyzer

  • Bug fixes and improvements of track calculation.
  • Bug fixes and improvements in drawing and edit of results.

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • bugfix: Configuration values was not stored under active current configuration
  • bugfix: Symbol library was opened for writing only reading required
  • bugfix: aMin and aMax was not used when draw “give way line”
  • bugfix: Quantity table – calculation of length wrong in some situations
  • bugfix: Quantity table – some symbols was rotated wrong in the table
  • bugfix: Quantity table – some symbols had wrong color in the table
  • bugfix: Quantity table – some content not put on the layer name active in configuration

Norwegian version

  • bugfix: Symbols for “Text” was missing from symbol library

Updates in Novapoint Road Signs

Danish version

  • improvement: G14 – Possible to change text color to blue manually

Norwegian version

  • bugfix: 808.60-69 – Spelling changed from “rød” to “rødt”

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Better reports
More reports have been updated with the new noise value types. Also the old AutoCAD-help based system has been abandoned and when choosing “Report to screen” the report now comes up in notepad instead.

Updates in Novapoint WS

  • Fixed error in Presentation plan concerning extra pipe offset, flow direction markers and drawing of heights and coordinates for nodes.
  • Fixed error to make manholes outside nodes to be included in quantity calculations / reports.
  • The function Crossing pipes in the longitudinal profile is fixed to show all crossing pipes in the vertical window, even in very long trenches.
  • The function Delete trench is fixed to no longer give an error message on the command line when a trench not saved in DTM is deleted.
  • By changing of ditch cross section on a trench section where vertices are inserted to pipes, manholes are moved and there is performed interpolating of heights or updating of pipe foundation, the pipes disappeared from the graphics. This error is fixed
  • Improved routine for calculation of cross sections.
  • Fixed manhole reports, showing wrong Y coordinate

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