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Novapoint 17.00.SP2c

Release date: 2008.04.14

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Version number not updated
After upgrading to 17.00SP2c, the noise module's splash screen will still show 17.00SP2a. This is because only dialog box files are updated, and the version number is in the program.

Problems editing gradient manually
Because of an error in the dialog box for gradients, it was impossible to manually edit gradients for roads. This was not valid for all languages.

Error with defining roads
In 17.00SP2 the dialog box for creating new roads was extended. These extensions where not copied to the spanish and finnish installations. For these languages, it was therefore impossible to create new roads.

Updates in Novapoint Base

Crash in Novapoint.exe

The process ID used by Novapoint is stored in the Registry. Checking against previous loaded Novapoint did sometime crash.

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