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Novapoint 17.00.SP2d

Release date: 2008.05.13

Updates in Novapoint Terrain


There has been some problems concerning preview of sections. This is fixed so section are available in the Flatmod UI.

Volume between triangle models in drawing

There has been some problems concerning calculation of square cut. This has been releated to the way Existing and Planned surface has been added to the calculation. This fix should avoid this. There is also made some adjustments to layer structure, words and phrases, thus it should be easier to use the calculation. Volume curves are now drawn at delta z-elevation and as curves at Planned surface.

Updates in Novpoint Landscape

Fixed a problem where checkboxes didn't show in shared libraries dialogs under certain configurations.

Updates in NP Road

Draw Road Elevation annotations

Draw Road Elevation annotations will draw according to intervall for cross section calculation. Color for text object will be set to byblock. When annotations are drawn for centreline (surface 0.0) the text objects will no longer be placed on top of symbol.

Kenya longitudinal drawing style

Kenya longitudinal drawing style has been optimized for 1:2500 presentation.

Updates in Novapoint WS

  • There has been a problem with AutoCAD crashing when drawing out a project containing several short traces, likewise when calculating cross sections for traces shorter than the profile interval. A fix is made, and this should no longer be a problem.

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