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Novapoint 17.00.SP2e

Release date: 2008.06.16

Updates in NP Base

Create new feature code library

This function previously crashed. This is now working properly.

Sweden terrain standard cross sections

There has been bugfixing to avoid errors in levels on the datumline.

Updates in Novapoint Area Planning

Norwegian version: Export / import to SOSI

Import and export of arcs now works correctly to SOSI version 4.0

Swedish version: Propertie text

Properties text will no longer compact or copy text when using long text stings.

Updates in Novapoint Road Signs

Norwegian version

  • feature: Symbol library supplemented with new signs - 555.0, 570.1V, 570.1H, 829.1, 829.2, 920VM, 920H and 920VE
  • bugfix: Quantity table – incorrect information about size on rotated directional signs
  • bugfix: 701.2 – it was not possible to delete/add intersection number
  • bugfix: 705.1 – the text height for intersection name was wrong
  • bugfix: 705.2 – it was not possible to delete/add intersection number
  • bugfix: 711 – incorrect distance between content and arrow when arrow pointing towards right
  • bugfix: 713 – distance between “number” and other sign objects was not correct
  • bugfix: 912 was missing in symbol library

Updates in Novapoint WS

The following errors causing AutoCAD to crash have been fixed:

  • Drawing a project to a locked layer.
  • Inserting nodes to sections or connectors/vertices to pipes using “Insert” from the construction dialogue and confirming by twice clicking “Enter”.
  • Splitting traces with names including 24 characters (maximum).
  • Drawing a project containing a pipe defined outside a section.

Additional bugfixes:

  • Dots are disallowed in trench names.
  • An error causing a recovery message to appear when drawing manhole sketches is fixed.
  • An error in drawing longitudinal profiles causing the terrain lines from all previous profiles to be drawn in each profile when selecting more than one profile at a time, is fixed.
  • The sketches of manholes in the last node in a trench were drawn without the pipe. This is also fixed.

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