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Novapoint 17.00.a

Release date: 2007.10.12

Updates in NP Base

Project ID

If returning of a borrowed licence fails a message box with a tip on how to solve the problem is displayed.


NCO - Delete Alignment will no longer cause AutoCAD to crash.

NCO - Generate Terrain Cross-Section will now start the new Draw Terrain Cross-Section function.

Terrain Model - View/Edit

The DTM is now opened with read only access as default. Write access is not granted until the DTM is switched to edit mode. When switched to edit mode a warning that edit mode will block other users from accessing the DTM is displayed.

Updates in Novapoint Landscape

Edit quantities

Swedish localisation in Description Browser is updated.

Quantity table

Hatch thumbnail in Quantity Table now corresponds to the hatch in the drawing.

Updates in NP Road


Build Road model failed if nordic characters where used in filname

Railway configurations included in the old Dralin tool.

Alignment Design

Crash on OK-draw

Alignment Design will no longer fail to draw the alignment to an empty drawing.

French configuration

Append Arc to a alignment caused Calc Not OK.

Redraw Alignment

Redrawn horizontal alignments with clothoids will now always return correct information.

Slope Arrows

Some values in settings dialog where not saved.

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Platform Design

The Platform Edge Design did in some cases keep the database open, which might cause database problems.

This tool will now calculate all coordinates between curve points and related distances. Calculation when 2 transition curves are overlapping is modified.

Novapoint 17.00a

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Estonian version

  • improvement: Symbol library updated with new symbol of 973 (Ühissõidukirada).

French version

  • bugfix: Default values for chevrons and hatched areas updated.
  • improvement: White lines now use color “bylayer”.

Novapoint 17.00a

Updates in Novapoint Road Signs

Danish version

  • change: Symbol library updated with new design on C55 and C56 series.

Estonia version

  • change: Symbol library updated with editable versions of 571, 572, 718 and 744.
  • bugfix: Legal values for 313.
  • bugfix: Leader from pole to sign.

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Resource files
Some resources files have been updated, because of errors in previous version.

Updates in Novapoint Water & Sewer


Minor corrections in the Danish version.

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