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Novapoint 17.00.b

Release date: 2007.12.06

Updates in NP Base


NCO - Export Alignment had no function

Terrain Information

'Get point elevation from Terrainmodel' returned no elevation, this is now fixed.

Terrain Model - Edit Feature Code Library

'Edit Feature Code Register' now show scandinavian chracters.

Terrain Model - View/Edit

Fixed a problem in View/Edit causing AutoCAD to crash if regenerating surfaces on View/Edit startup.

Triangulation and Maintenance tools did not do anything unless Edit mode was selected.

Updates in NP Road

French version: Road Design - Tools Road wizard advanced

When using Advanced Road Wizard, the message “Road properties are not defined or defined by other version than France” did pop up even if road properties where defined using France config. This does not happen anymore.

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Road Marking Estonia

Localized Quantity Table

Road Marking France

Insert symbol along line used to crash when no layer was selected in the pull-down menu. This does not happen anymore.

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Traffic data
There was a problem with the traffic data dialog in 16.30/17.00. This led to problems where e.g. the value for “Varying” could be set to “No” for speed light vehicles, without the values for day/evening/night being set to the same value as the “24h” value, but some rather strange values. This could result in erroneous Lden-values, typically 10-12dBA higher than the Lequ-values.

The problem was partly corrected in 16.30SP1b/17.00a, but by a mistake the old version of the traffic data dialog was sent out. However, the traffic data for existing roads was corrected so that if “Varying” was “No”, the day/evening/night values where set correctly. But only in the traffic data list, not for the noise sources. This led to the traffic data looking correct in the traffic data dialog, but the old, erroneous values still being used for the calculations. The only place to spot this problem, was in the traffic data written in the drawing (by the start of the road and at every change of traffic data). These values where the ones really being used in the calculations.

In 16.30SP1c/17.00b there is now an automatic recognition and correction of this problem. If a drawing has inconsistent traffic data, these are corrected and a message is displayed, warning that a recalculation is necessary. This happens when the first noise command is called after opening a drawing.

The traffic data dialog is also updated for 16.30SP1c/17.00b. It should now be impossible to get other values for day/evening/night than the one set for “24h” as long as “Varying” is set to “No”.

If a user gets this message, does not recalculate, saves the drawing and then later opens it again, there will be no new warning! The traffic data will now be correct, but the calculations not.

Workaround for users of 16.30 who have not upgraded to 16.30SP1c or 17.00-users who have not upgraded to 17.00b
To check if this situation has occured in anything you are working with, check the traffic data that is written in the drawing. There should be one set of text along a line at the beginning of each road and at every place along the road where traffic data changes. This text lists from top to bottom:

ADT (traffic volumes). This line can become too long and wrapped around so it occupies 2 lines.
Percentage heavy vehicles
Speed light vehicles
Speed heavy vehicles

and from left to right:


If these values are correct, everything should be OK.

The quickest way to correct the problem if it is detected, is:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > Roads and traffic > Traffic data
Select objects: comes up on the command line.
KEYB_ICO all, <Enter>, <Enter>
now the traffic data dialog will pop up once for each road. If you have 16.30SP1b/17.00a, you can just press “OK”, since the values should have been corrected automatically. If you have an older version of 16.30/17.00, you need to check/edit the traffic data manually before pressing “OK”.

To correct and/or avoid the problem for new roads, make sure that the day/evening/night values are correct in the traffic data dialog, even though you might have set “Varying” to “No”. If they are not, then change “Varying” to “Yes”, correct the day/evening/night values and reset “Varying” to “No”.

Crash in barrier functionality
An error is corrected, which could lead to crash problems when handling barriers. The same error could potentially give crash other places in the program as well.

Hang during creation of facade points
During automatic creation of facade points for all active buildings, the program could hang. This happened only when there where buildings with polylines that crossed themselves. The error is corrected.

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