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Novapoint 17.10.FP1

Release date: 16.10.2008

Updates in Novapoint Base

Run on Autodesk 2009 plattform.

Novapoint 17.10.FP1 will run on AutoCAD 2009 plattform in addition to 2007 and 2008. To enable Novapoint on AutoCAD 2009 plattform: After installation of the AutoCAD 2009 product go to the start menu, Start - Novapoint 17.10 - Tools - Configuraton. Select your AutoCAD 2009 product in the AutoCAD product drop down list.

Novapoint 17.10 will work on earlier OS and is now even compatible with Windows Vista.

Existing objects in DTM

Object Geometry (Edit Point info i DTM View / Edit)

It is now possible to store existing objects in the DTM. Ie existing pipes, cables or any other linear objects. The functions works like this: - Save object to the DTM or create a line inside the DTM viewer. - Give object geometry to the line (diameter, material etc) - Save this line to a group and as object type “object”

Uppdates in NP Landscape

Uppdated menu

Several old functions are removed and other are repositioned into other categories. Categories removed:

  • Edit land use
  • Building
  • Kerbs and pavements
  • Terrain stairs (terracing)
  • Layout

Functions from these categories are either removed or redirected into the following:

  • Lines
  • Land use disposal (new extended)
  • Symbols and objects (new)
  • Quantities

Levelling tools 2.0

The set of levelling tools is updated, improved and extended with completely new functionality!

  • New single point elevation - new function!
  • Move text away from ”+” – automatically rotate text
  • Move ”+” away from insertion point
  • Get point elevation from objekt
  • Point elevation from terrain - new function!
  • Point elevation from triangle - new function!
  • Lock distance to next point elevation insertion
  • Add point elevation – lock midpoint by pressing ctrl-button
  • Add point elevation – pick third point and set out new point elevation on triangular surface (lock triangular midpoint by pressing ctrl-button)
  • Double click on point elevation to automatically start function Move point elevation
  • Edit point elevation – roll z-value with mouse wheel!
  • Slope restriction – set slope max. and min. and get “faulty” slopes highlighted (in colour magenta) - new function!
  • Draw 3D-poly from point elevation – choose point elevations – 3Dpoly is automatically drawn - new function!
  • Enhanced setting possibilities - create styles for point elevations and slopes
  • Double click on point elevation created in different UCS, to set that UCS current

Enhanced functionality handeling point elevations - within category "Annotation".

  • Insert prefix to point elevation – new function!
  • Insert leader to point elevation – new function!
  • Change to point elevation retained – updated function!
  • Change to point elevation omitted – updated function!
  • Terrace height – updated function!

Older functions in annotation named as above are either updated or removed.

Updates to Novapoint Water Sewer

News and improvements:

  • WS model is, from version 17.10 on, not compatibel with earlier versions because of changes in the cross section calculations
  • New functionality for importing existing objects (pipes, culverts ect) into DTM. User will see the objects in construction vertical window, and can chooce to present them in plan-, long section- and cross section drawings.
  • New vertical and horizontal preakpoints to improve pipe geometry..
  • New user interface for long section and crossection drawings.
  • New user interface for sending reports to Excel.
  • New Novapoint Virtual Map config for Water and Sewer.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

French version

  • feature: A lot of editable M-type signs added

Belgian version

  • feature: Some editable variable standard signs added

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • bugfix: The application always checked out a license when loding the menu

Updates in Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner

  • bugfix: The application always checked out a license when loding the menu
  • feature: The program now supports multiple polygons for one parcel
  • feature: The program now support to calculate the acquisition towards a set of land classes
  • improvments: TDP - more attribut definitions added

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