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Novapoint 17.10.FP1b

Release date: 01.12.2008

Updates in Novapoint Base

Import to DTM

New SOSI-codes.csv

Import of lines and points containing data is now working

Crasch when importing KOF-file with duplicates is now fixed.

Import laser data

Bugfixing in the file to import choosing function.

Terrain profile

Bugfixing Generating a level 0 line even when there is no active group with priority 0 in DTM.´is now fixed.

Terrain profile with only breaklines now works properly.

Updates in NP Landscape

Planting design

Plant setout

When adding new category for plants, old ugly dialogue is replaced with friendlier one!

%-ual plant mix

Pressing enter no longer terminates dialogue/function. Instead you may use enter in order to execute calculations within dialogue and then you press button ok to finish it off!

Land use area

Use of circle as border is improved!

Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

  • Arc-arc in the vertical alignment could cause overlap and error.
  • Irish Design standard, one step below, is now implemented.
  • If not data in the DTM was found for priority 0, a terrain line on elevation 0 was displayed.

Road Design

  • Bugfixing in ind-export from Road Model. Export road model did not work, this is now fixed.
  • Report to editor reports set up, the function did not start. This is now fixed.

View Perspective

  • Perspective viewer crasched if an additional road model was removed ot not properly calculated. This is now fixed.
  • Bugfixing to avoid crashes under certain circumstances i.e too many and vertical surfaces.
  • If there is a dot in the road model name, the perspctive wiever will no longer crash.


  • Road Wizard, the slope of widening surfaces is now always set to inherit.

Junction Wizard

  • In step 3 of the Junction Wizard it is now possible to filter out road surfaces (road edges) that should not be part of the junction. This is done by giving a (-) between the road edges that should not be connected.
  • A junction can now be created between two roads even though the angle between them is very steep. Before the wizard will abort wih an error message in theese situations. Some of the user defined radii may be changed by the wizard so that the user is advised to re-run the wizard and re-evaluate the radii.
  • Illustrative images in the junction wizard have now been translated to all lanuages.
  • Text to clarify where the user selects radii og linear vertical alignment for the road edges have been added.

Road surfaces

  • Balancing of median (surface -0.1 and 0.1) is now available on right click and properties in surfaces. The function makes it possible to keep the road edges on both side of the median on the same level.

Without balance median active

With balance median active

  • Inner slope in combination with advanced ditch gave wrong quantities. This is now fixed.


  • The rounding function is now forcing the rounding to fit in between slope surface and terrain.

Road Bed

  • Road Bed will now be exported correctly to LandXML.
  • The filter layer will now be inserted correctly when road bed is designed.
  • Distance controlled by beam slope was wrong on the left side. This is now fixed.
  • Vertical road surfaces (kerbstones etc.) made the road bed end up at the wrong elevation. This is now fixed.

Draw Horizontal Alignment

  • Sweden Railway Standard is now drawn with the correct style.

Draw Longitudal Profile

  • The superelevation diagram was hard to read when using short calculation intervals.
  • Update drawings did in some situations crash, this is now fixed.

Draw Cross Sections

  • Extrapolated rock surface is now drawn in the cross sections.
  • New names for Swedish cross sections.
  • Elevation line in cross sections is now referring to the road model, road elevation.

Draw Road

  • Improved speed of function

Draw Grid Model

  • All road surfaces are now placed on different layers. Each road surface is placed on a unique layers.
  • New user interface where it is possible to define colour and layer setup.


  • General updates of help text, is now up to date with existing functionality.
  • Examples and illustrations med for road bed and pavement.

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

Cross-section definition

  • bugfix: Some errors in the functionality for cross-section definition are corrected. The errors caused inaccurate cross-section geometry in niches with opposite cross fall and parts of the road with changes in the road width. Inaccurate cross section geometry was found for predefined cross-sections and parametric cross-sections with a value different from 0 for delta alpha divided on the delta width.

We request all Novapoint Tunnel users to update.

Updates to Novapoint Water Sewer

News and improvements:

  • WS model is, from version 17.10 on, not compatibel with earlier versions because of changes in the cross section calculations
  • New functionality for importing existing objects (pipes, culverts ect) into DTM. User will see the objects in construction vertical window, and can chooce to present them in plan-, long section- and cross section drawings.
  • New vertical and horizontal preakpoints to improve pipe geometry..
  • New user interface for long section and crossection drawings.
  • New user interface for sending reports to Excel.
  • New Novapoint Virtual Map config for Water and Sewer.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian version

  • feature: Some temporary signs added

Danish version

  • feature: All directional signs updated regarding legal C-,E- and M-symbols

French version

  • feature: Temporary signs supplemented
  • feature: Symbols and description for French signpost symbols updated
  • bugfix: The function for connecting pole and sign was not working on French AutoCAD
  • bugfix: The French translation for “width” and “height” was not correct in the quantity table

Finnish version

  • bugfix: Link on help button was not working correctly
  • bugfix: Translation of UI in portal function updated
  • bugfix: ??

Norwegian version

  • bugfix: 753.1 - The program crashed when the user pressed “add plate” button
  • bugfix: Some users have experienced that AutoCAD crash when opening drawing files created in Novapoint 16.30 (caused by “blank text” in sign)

Swedish version

  • bugfix: It was not possible to draw any plates (Lisp folder was missing)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All version

  • bugfix: Link on help button was not working correctly
  • bugfix: Menu option to load toolbar was not working
  • bugfix: Quantity table somtime not calculated correct length of lines

Danish version

  • bugfix: Give way lines was somtime not displayed next time open the drawing

French version

  • bugfix: The road marking not always follow the reference geometry when using the functions “Road Marking lines” and “Change Acad Obj to Road Marking line”

Estonian version

  • feature: Linetype 993 (Äärekivi) added (new command on toolbar)
  • bugfix: Chevrons was not working ok
  • bugfix: Link on help buttons updated

Swedish version

  • bugfix: The program could somtime make drawing objects AutoCAD refuse to save
  • bugfix: Give way lines was somtime not displayed next time open the drawing

Updates in Novapoint Area planning

Updates in the Norwegian version

  • Land use lines had the wrong line type - this has been corrected to the right line type.
  • Some important communication lines missed properties. The properties are now added corectly.
  • Legal symbols are now exported/imported to SOSI as .SYMBOL in stead of .PUNKT.
  • .REGFORMUTDYP was imported with extra numbers in the end of the line. These numbers have been removed, and the property is now correct.

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