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Novapoint 17.10.FP1f

Release date: 2009-03-05

Updates in Novapoint Base

DTM Viewer

  • Crash when moving grips on frame is now fixed.

DTM Import

  • Import of circles from Piste and LandXML now works correctly
  • Corrected precision on imported coordinates from Landxml

Virtual Map

  • Now support for VM 5.0 license

Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment design, vertical window

  • Terrain line interpolation speed has been increased, specially when using large datasets in dtm.
  • Corrected precision on imported coordinates from Landxml

Road Design - LandXML export from roadmodel

  • For some projects the vertical alignment geometry for the projection of the centerline in the road bed layer, was not performed. The vertical geometry for the top surface was kept instead. This is now changed, so the vertical alignment geometry corresponds with the roadbed geometry.

New functionality for rehabilitation of existing roads

  • There is a new function for Rehabilitation that replaces the old one found under Roadmodel/Data/Rehabilitation
  • The new function is placed inside the Pavement-dialogue under an own tab.

You are free to use the Rehab tab on specific Pavement templates. The function works like that you define the edges of the existing road, and save them as road lines in the DTM. Then you use the Rehab functionality on one pavement template and define the minimum thickness of each layer.

Standard pavement: Reads the pavement from the active pavement template

Minimum thickness: Type a value that is less than the standard layer thickness

Maximum thickness: Calculated in function

Min. width standard pavement: Type in a positive value

Min. width reduced pavement: Type in a positive value

Fixed scarifying: Type a positive value

Additional scarifying: Type a positive value, maximum the same thickness as the top layer

Existing road edge: Line from DTM

Extra distance (+/-): Type a positive or negative value. Positive will make the rehabilitated area more narrow. Negative value will make the rehabilitatet area wider.

Side slope: The slope of road superstructure. Type with positive value

Updates in Novapoint Railway


  • Fixed error in calculation of arc in switches
  • Added NADB segmentlist to xdata on switches

Alignment Design:

  • Fixed error in calculation of railway spesific paramters

Updates Novapoint WS

Terrain model - Water Runoff Analysis

* Improved stability and speed * New function for drawing catchment area from DTM to DWG

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian version

  • feature: New functionality to add multiple signs to same pole
  • feature: Some temporary signs added

French version

  • feature: Temporary signs supplemented (KD21a, KD21b, KD22a, KD22b)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All version

  • bugfix: The program could somtime make drawing objects AutoCAD refuse to save (most visible in the Swedish version)

Belgian version

  • feature: Library for line types & symbol supplemented
  • feature: Quantity table localized
  • bugfix: Default values updated for give-way, bicycle lane, hatched areas and chevrons

Estonian version

  • bugfix: Lintype 911a was missing from library

Updates Novapoint Tunnel

3D Drawing

* The Draw 3D model dialog didn't always open as expected - this is now fixed

* The lower surface of the pavement was not always drawn - this is now fixed

* The tunnel was not always drawn in 3D - this is now fixed

Modeling of pavement

* The pavement cross fall was not always relative to the horizontal plane, but could be relative to the tunnel rotation plane when this option for the pavement was chosen by the user. This is now corrected so that the specified cross fall is always modeled relative to the horizontal plane.

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