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Novapoint 17.10.FP1g

Release date: 2009-03-10

Updates in Novapoint Road

Pavement, Rehabilitation

  • Terminology changed (Eng, Nor, Swe).
  • 'Minimum width standard pavement' and 'Minimum width reduced pavement' were swapped in the dialogue. This did create opposite results than expected, now corrected.
  • The number of possible definintions for usage of pavement template is expanded from 50 to 1000.

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Draw horizontal aligngments

The four railway drawing setups now draws all text correctly.

Draw logitudinal profile from terrain model and railway model

The longitudinal profile now draws terrain heights and railway height with 2 decimals.

Old tools - Draw vertical alignment from railway model

The function now draws all railway information in the longitudinal profile frame.

Draw railway model

The function now draws alle edge lines from the railway mode.

Updates Novapoint WS

Configuration and Construction

  • Improved Configuration
  • Distance between pipes is now correct when updating Construction with modified cross-section

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