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Novapoint 17.10.b

Release date: 27.08.2008

Updates in Novapoint Base

  • bugfix: MultiPlot was not working ok on French AutoCAD
  • bugfix: Draw terrain profile only breaklines is fixed.

French version: Translations, france. NRT and WRA

Swedish version: Coordinate file import with drawing style

Updates in Novapoint Area planning

Import of SOSI

When importing a plan from SOSI any municipality number which startet with a 0 was imported without the first 0. This has been corrected, and all municipality numbers are imported correctly.

Updates in Novapoint Road

Road model

  • Pavement ening at depressed median will now be correct.
  • Break can now be used in Road Bed with correct results.
  • Quantity calculation for deep blasting is changed for situations where the road is on fill. Quantities between terrain surface and deep blasting will be calculated as both cut and fill.

  • Instead of giving the error message too short curve the junction will be adjusted to tie in.


Draw Horizontal Alignment

  • Chainage annotation will no longer be affected by view direction.
  • Pick from drawing: The horizontal alignment will keep its layer settings independent of what layer is current in AutoCAD.

Drawing Style Configuration

  • The draw horizontal alignment dialogue will not close if drawing style configuration is started.
  • User defined configurations for horizontal alignment can now be deleted.
  • Layers from xref will no longer be displayed in drawing configurations.

Drawing Generator

  • Plan and profile could not be started from Road Standard.
  • Cross sections will not overlap.

Vehicle Track Analyzer

  • bugfix: Rear tracks not drawn at the last rear axle of the vehicle
  • bugfix: Some of the settings in drawing configuration dialogue was not used correctly

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Norwegian version

  • bugfix: 711 – alignment of road number not correct on signs with two lines if arrow pinting towards right

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • bugfix: Geometry somtime move after explode near the transition between two segments

Estonian version

  • feature: Markings from updated design standard from 2008 implemented

Swedish version

  • bugfix: Using grips on hatched areas somtime crash AutoCAD

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Wrong default for reflection for buildings created with Fetch
Buildings created with Fetch got reflection set Off. Correct default value should be On. By calculation with Powerpack this setting is taken into consideration also for buildings, something that was not the case when calculating directly in the program.

Error when using vnnp_noiseplinejoin
When using the unsupported function vnnp_noiseplinejoin with a selection including non-polyline objects, there would pop up one error message for each such object. These objects are now simply ignored.

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