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Novapoint 17.20

Release date: 2009-06-01

Updates for Novapoint Base


New drawing setups in DTM. Only in Swedish, Spanish and Finnish version. The new drawing style draws elevations from every breakpoint in DTM to dwg.

Novapoint Tools

Novapoint Tools are reorganized into separate Toolbars. The new toolbars are collected under Novapoint/Toolbars.

The new toolbars are called:

  • Novapoint Toolbox
  • Novapoint Tools
  • Novapoint Polyline Tools
  • Novapoint Coordinate Tools
  • Novapoint paper space model space tools

In Novapoint Toolbox is Elevation from DTM included. This function returns a 3D-block with the elevation in the selected point.


Previously AutoCad crashed when using Novapoint Polyline Tools and having x-refs in the drawing. This is now fixed.

Virtual Map

Default Virtual Map license in Novapoint 17.20 is 5.0.
If you want to run the 4.0 you must run NP_VIRTUAL_MAP_4.0.reg from “Base\Utils”.
You can switch between 4.0 and 5.0 with NP_VIRTUAL_MAP_4.0.reg and NP_VIRTUAL_MAP_5.0.reg.

Uppdates in NP Landscape

New terrain functionality!

Terrain design

A new category will appear in the landscape menu - Terrain design. This is the next step in making the landscape module more potent and useful! This will include:

  • Volume calculation between models in drawing (triangle-,grid-)
  • shaping of landscape forms/noise barriers with calculations for slopes, volumes, cut and fill
  • functions for 3D-polylines, including move to follow terrain

For help go to Terrain design section!

Levelling tools

The set of levelling tools will now appear in its own meny category - Levelling tools, som of these functions will however be included in terrain design-category instead ( Draw 3D-poly from point elevation, Give contour elevation z-value, Give objects new elevation (z-value)

Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

  • It is now possible to copy the result table to the clipboard (CTRL+C).

Road Design, closed drainage

  • Closed drainage can now be generated directly from a Water and Sewer model. There is a new tab in the Closed Drainage dialogue where Water and Sewer models can be selected. The Road Model will read the Water and Sewer model to generate the geometry of the ditch. The sideslopes in the Closed Drainage object will stop against the road bed or the terrain surface. A Closed Drainage generated from a Water and Sewer model will affect quantities in the same way as a traditional Closed Drainage.

  • New possibility to export Closed Drainage merged with the Road Bed. The result will be one continious surface. The new method, Roadbed with Closed Drainages, can be choosen in the Superstructure pull down menu.

Draw Horizontal Alignment

  • The user interface for the Drawing Style Configuration have been improved. All alignment style properties are now visible when the user selects a drawing object.
  • It is now possible to disable View direction with a tick box.
  • The value and state for view direction is now remembered.

Draw Road

  • The road plan drawing can now be updated from the NCO-menu.
  • Contours are now drawn correct on both sides of the centre line.

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Draw Longitudinal Profile from Terrain Model

This function has been updated and will now draw a railway frame with all railway data even if you do not have a railway model. The function will only read data regarding cant settings and speed profile set up in the Track data dialog. You must select the frame Norway.Terrain.Standard03 for this function to work.

Standard Cross Section Wizard

The function now starts with a standard value for Rail and Sleepers.

Updates to Novapoint Water Sewer

News and improvements:


  • Improved snap new trench to existing node.
  • Improved creating trench from 3D reference line.
  • New function for updating model with pipe wallthickness from configuration.
  • New function for creating trench related to Road model.
  • New function for dynamic updating WS model related to Road model.
  • New function for adding external pipe geometry in vertical drawing.
  • New capacity calculation tool.


  • New function 3D presentation of WS model in AutoCAD.
  • New function 3D viewer for trench.
  • Improved WS Long section configurations.
  • New function for updating Long section from WS model.
  • Added “Draw grid model” in the WS menu.


  • Stakeout data - new export for trench.


  • New function to save trench wireframe to DTM.


  • New manhole report for in/out pipe level.


  • Several functions concerning trench geometry are improved/corrected

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Norwegian version

  • feature: Color field now support multiple background colors
  • bugfix: Height of color field was not correct when cointaining mini- or service symbol
  • bugfix: 701, 703 and 749 - Round up value for width changed from 50 to 100
  • bugfix: 701 - Some legal arrows was missing
  • bugfix: 725 - The horizontal distance between text and number was in some case to big
  • bugfix: 727.4 - The text “Lengde” was missing in the default sign
  • bugfix: 727.4 - Config file was missing from installation
  • bugfix: The vertical placement of text was 0.5/7H wrong on some directional signs

Swedish version

  • New Swedish standards, VM 2007 implemented.

Updates in Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner

  • bugfix: There was not possible to load the default database template

New features in Novapoint Tunnel

Volume calculations of designed tunnel

The functionality for volume calculation of the designed tunnel is now included in Novapoint Tunnel. The user can choose the chainage interval to calculate and the offset of the parameter and the design base separately. The results are presented in an Excel spread sheet. The calculated tunnel body can be viewed as an 3D model in AutoCAD.

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