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Novapoint 17.20.FP2

Release date: 2009-09-08

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Updates for Novapoint Base

2D polyline to 3D polyline

New tool added to make 3D polylines from 2D polylines in AutoCAD + elevation from DTM

DTM objects multiselect

It is now possible to select several objects in the DTM viewer. This enhancment makes it possible to save a whole existing pipe network to the DTM with just a mouseclicks.

Point Elevation from DTM

The point elevation is now represented by a 3D block compatible with elevation tools in NP Landscape.

Updates in Landscape

Elevation Tools 2.1

From now on Levelling Tools will, more accurately, be called Elevation Tools. Elevation Tools 2.1 released in July-09 includes a large number of new features and enhancements - read more about Elevation tools 2.1 in 17.20FP1 - This update includes some general bugfixing, small enhancements and the new function Rotate point elevations

Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

  • New symbol for existing objects.
  • New annotation on existing objects.

Road Design

  • Wireframe was not created for roch shelf on the right hand side.
  • Annotations improved for eksisting objects.
  • Design objects. The base point in the drawing will be used as insertion point.
  • Fill surfaces can now continue after meeting the terrain to design bottom ditches.
  • New method for the road bed: 4 - Minimum slope. The resulting slope is the highest of the slope of the reference surface for superelevation and the user-defined minimum slope.
  • New method for the road bed end surface: 3 - Slope from next surface and end point. Same result as method 2 - Calculate start point, except the slope is given by the next surface.
  • New method for the rehabilitation: the existing road can now be defined by feature codes.

Draw Longitudinal Profile

  • Update longitudinal profile resulted in a fatal error.

Vehicle Track Analyzer

  • bugfix: Spanish config for Trailer updated
  • bugfix: The calculation for SVT was not correct for all localisations

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Changes and fixes:

Railway Platform Design

  • Changed default distance from centerline to platform edge to 1680mm (old value 1700mm). This applies to both Norwegian and International configurations.

Railway Cross Section Design

  • Created a configuration file for default values for Norwegian configurations. No longer uses International configuration file.

Known issues:


Also take a look at release notes for Road, as some of them also applies to Railway.

Changes in Novapoint Noise

Crash in the traffic data dialog
The dialog for editing traffic data crashed under certain circumstances. This is now corrected.

Error message “Feil i opprett_stoykilder”
This showed up after an message of “Warning about high gradient”, without the road being defined. Corrected.

Default values for change between yellow and red in color scales
The default color scale used to be a 3-color scale with 55dBA as limit between green and yellow, and 60dBA as limit between yellow and red. The latter limit has been changed to 65dBA, to be in accordance with T-1442.

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

New functionality for rock support and geology registration

  • Registration of rock support (bolts, spray concrete, casted concrete, steel strap, sprayed ribs etc)
  • Graphical registration of geology (rock type, faults, crack sets, Q-values etc)
  • Automatic AutoCAD drawing production of geology and rock support plan drawings
  • Automatic Excel report generation of rock support

3D Drawings

  • Some bug fixes: Gaps in strange places in the 3D model doesn't occur anymore
  • The user can decide himself how many segments a bow should be devided into when making 3D drawings. This will limit the number of triangles automatically generated by Virual Map e.g..

Data flow to bore rigs and export of Land XML data

  • Bug fixes: Now all cross sections where there is a shift in either the tunnel- or the road geometry are listed - also at stationnumbers where there is a shift in road geometry due to curves in 3D lines used as rad surface edge lines.

Volume calculations

  • Bug fixes: Minor bugs in volume calculation are fixed

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

All versions

  • bugfix: Numerous bug fixes on improving the image quality in “save image to file”

Belgian version

  • improvments: The explode road sign command now create outline geometry of the text
  • bugfix: The font was not correct on the spacing in front of “j” character
  • bugfix: Numerous bug fixes on F-signs

Finnish version

  • improvments: 701 added possibility to add two bilingual target in same panel
  • bugfix: 704 and 704a alignment fixes
  • bugfix: 611, 612, 631 and 632 numerous bug fixes
  • improvments: 641 added possibity to change text alignment
  • improvments: Additional panels - 871b added
  • improvments: Text - Character & added

Icelandic version

  • improvments: Icelandic character set now supported
  • improvments: Select active sign library from main dialogue

Norwegian version

  • improvments: 727 - Clean up in sign numbers and 727.2 added
  • improvments: Service signs - 610, 610.1 and 610.2 added
  • improvments: Mini signs - 723.51 and 723.61-723.66 added
  • improvments: Mini signs - 792.31 added

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Icelandic version

  • bugfix: It was not possible to run quantity table

Updates for Area Planning

The Norwegian version has been updated to comply with the new planning and building legislation of 2008.

Updates in Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner

  • improvments: The table can now manually be updated
  • bugfix: Data modified in Parcel Manager was not stored to database
  • bugfix: Numerous bug fixes regarding grid in GUI
  • bugfix: Reference number was renumbered when recalculate acqusition

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