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Novapoint 17.20.FP2c

Release date: 2009-11-06

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Uppdates in Novapoint Landscape

Elevation tools


  • An error in function “New point elevations setup” made it impossible to save drawing - taken care off!
  • An error where the using of parenthesis in style crashed drawing - taken care off!

Updates in Novapoint Road

Road Design

Cut and Fill Elements

  • New function. Remove topsoil outside road structure. See Data/Cut and Fill Elements/Top Soil Removal top Cut.

Pavement description

  • Inherit slope did not work properly, this is now fixed.
  • Rehabilitation: When using scarifying the pavement was generated over the road surface. Now fixed.
  • Rehabilitation: Optimized for upgrading from 2 to 4 lanes.

Road Bed

  • Wrong elevation when “Distance from a line, slope from a vertical alignment” was used to define a surface for the road bed.
  • The filter layer was not parallel to the road bed.

Cross-section calculation

  • The situation “Start ditch under terr, end above” will not occur anymore.

Vehicle Track Analyzer

  • Improvements on the convert polyline function.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Construction - Vertical drawing scale

  • Fixed the default value for vertical scale settings
    • If “Show scale…” is checked in Scale dialog, temporary drawing asks for the scale.
    • If “Show scale…” is not checked, Novapoint use the default temp setting (*.dwt) if available, regardless of the active scale.
    • If “Show scale…” is not checked and “Novapoint.dwt” is not available, the active scale will be used.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian version

  • bugfix: Size of sign “Type 2c” was not correct
  • bugfix: The F-signs “F25a”, “F25b” & “F25c” was not editable anymore

Finnish version

  • bugfix: improvements to sign 633M
  • new sign 642M

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • bugfix: Hatched areas was not following the reference geometry and some lines was missing

Danish version

  • bugfix: Hatched areas was not displayed correct next time open drawing after “trim with closed polyline”

Norwegian version

  • bugfix: It was not possible to use “trim with closed polyline” on hatched areas

Updates for Area Planning

Norwegian version:

  • Topology builder builds with 2d poly with elevation other than 0
  • Topology builder removes illegal SOSI arcs.
  • Conversion of som areas where not correct - this has been corrected.
  • Importing a plan from SOSI not containing a plan area did not work
  • Importing a plan from SOSI mixed up the drawing rule.
  • Some ojbects had the propertie ..HENSYNSONE instead of ..FELTNAVN

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