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Novapoint 17.20.FP2e

Release date: 2010-02-25

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Updates in NP Base

  • Various fixes to SOSI4 import
  • Fix to Quadri line drawing
  • Fix for terrain cross sections drawn to wrong layers from DTM

Updates in Novapoint Landscape

Elevation Tools 2.2

Elevation tools now maintain all positions inside point elevation object. If changes are made in settings regarding styles for point elevations you may need to update point elevations in the drawing. This will be done using the new function “Update point elevations”

When manually giving point elevations attributes Change to point elevation retained, Change to point elevation omitted, Terrace height - point elevations are automatically updated.


  • The distance between point elevation text and underline and leader is increased in order to get lines in drawing not to merge.

New function:

  • “Update point elevations”: function will reset selected point elevations to default


  • Underlines that disappeared when using function “Move point elevation x,y” are now unmoved.

Updates in Novapoint Road

  • Fix for fatal error when drawing slope symbols from road model
  • Small fix in alignment style editor
  • Fix for drawing cross sections with elements outside the frame
  • Fix for incorrectly presented cross sections when line-line connections
  • Fix for incorrectly calculated volumes when sodding used in landscaping
  • Now possible to change number of decimals used in road model again
  • Various fixes to PE longtitudional profile drawing
  • Fixed minor boundary issue when drawing road models
  • Minor fix for filled ditches

Updates in Novapoint Railway

All versions

  • Enhancement: Cant, cant deficiency and speed are now exported from DTM to LandXML together with the alignment.
  • Bugfix: Editing of cant in Track Data dialog is disabled to avoid mismatch with data saved by Alignment Design.
  • Bugfix: Drawing - Sodding was not presented correctly in the railway model cross section drawings.
  • Bugfix: Reports - Measure points was accumulating when running ALC report several times.
  • Bugfix: Old Tools - Draw vertical alignment - IOBRAILL.ARX did not load correctly or crashed.

Updates in Novapoint Water and sewer

All versions

Distance analysis

  • Corrected calcualtion to include pipe wallthikness

Presentation Longsection

  • Corrected calculation to show manhole in correct station outside node
  • Corrected calculation to avoid “zig-zag” pattern on pipes in “outer” corner of trench

Norwegian version

Presentation Longsection

  • Improved presentation of satellites for manholes “outside” node
  • New Layer added for line between pipes in databand


  • Corrected export to KOF to include all trenches

Swedish version

Presentation Longsection

  • Improved presentation

Belgium version

Presentation Longsection

  • Improved presentation

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

All version

  • Bugfix: The “preview image” of signs was on some machines not visible in main dialogue (#494)

Norwegian version

  • Improvment: Explode function improved (#351)
  • Improvment: Option for “mounting frame” added to a lot of directional signs (#353)
  • Improvment: 751 - It's now more easy to change the direction of the arrow (#508)
  • Bugfix: Some signs was not using the “RoundUp” value for length (#386)
  • Bugfix: 701.1 - the height of plate was not ok if only one line of text (#446)
  • Bugfix: 701.1 - the size of arrow “701.V90” and “701.H90” was not ok (#443)
  • Bugfix: 705.1 - the distance from edge of sign to border was not ok on yellow background (#387)
  • Bugfix: 538.M - the sign was not available (#457)
  • Bugfix: The geometry for the following signs was not correct in height → 502, 503, 504, 505, 526.1 & 526.2 (#451)
  • Bugfix: The size of 556 and 558 was not correct in ini-file (#452)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Belgian version

  • Bugfix: Draw quantity table was missing in toolbar (#523)
  • Bugfix: Draw traffic line forced a “fatal error” when mispicking a linetype from drawing (#524)

Updates in Novapoint Area Planning

Updates for all countries:

  • Connecting areas in large plans have been improved and are now faster

Updates for Norwegian version

  • Adding minor changes for an area plan made in PBL 1985 using PBL 2008 can be done
  • Export of SOSI 4.1 with both PBL 1985 and PBL 2008 is ok.
  • Import of SOSI 4.1 with both PBL 1985 and PBL 2008 is ok.
  • ..VERTNIV has been added as a general properti that can be set in SOSI-head setup.
  • New plan types for SOSI 4.1, mixed PBL has been added for both detail and municipal plans.
  • Sometimes correct polylines where not included in the export due to problems detecting if the line was inside the planning area. This has been corrected
  • Import of plan from SOSI has been improved

Updates for Swedish version

  • New category under symbols in Illustration plan with illustrations of boats
  • Changed the symbols for building heights and height over 0 to not include + sign.
  • Legend has been improved

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