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Novapoint 18.00.a

Release date: 26.01.2010

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Updates in Novapoint Road

Vehicle Track Analyzer

  • bugfix: The two yellow circles (where angle between parts are exceeded) was in some cases not in the right positions on MVT3

Road Design

  • Corrected an issue in pavement description when using the option “Inherit slope”. In certain situations this caused the surface course to be laid above the road surface.

Updates in Novapoint Railway

All versions

  • Enhancement: LFT (løfteskjema) format added to Alignment Reports.
  • Enhancement: Added possibility to use boundary lines for ballast.
  • Enhancement: CSV report header was only in Norwegian.
  • Enhancement: Enabled use of design objects.
  • Bugfix: Coordinates for the switches were wrong in CSV report.
  • Bugfix: Track data: Export cant to text file - last segment was always missing.
  • Bugfix: Missing sodding on right side of the centerline.

Finnish version

  • Enhancement: Updated the KM data functionality.

Norwegian version

  • Bugfix: Track data: Loading of XML files fails if norwegian characters are present.

Updates in Tunnel

Problems related to the following functionality are corrected:

  • 3D-drawing
  • Volume calculation
  • Export of survey data
  • Geology- and rock support registration
  • Geometry registration for certain road projects with ditches and cut-/fill slopes outside the road surface boundaries.

Note: When you export survey data, it is important to check if all the sections at the chainages where there are geometric changes and cross fall changes are exported. If this is a problem for the actual project, the option for exporting cross sections in certain intervals must be used.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

All versions

  • Improvements: Eksport. LandXML format extended with more unit defenitions.
  • Improvements: Connection plans ymbols. Done a “clean up” to reduce file size.
  • Improvements: Increased speed for Cross section calculation.
  • Bugfix: Construction vertical drawing. Pipe reference insertion point is now correct related to manhole bottom. Take into account the pipe wallthikness.
  • Bugfix: Lengdeprofil presentasjon. Rettet ledningssprang i kum. Viser nå riktig stasjonering på kummer.
  • Bugfix: 3D presentation. Present also pipe type “Other”.
  • Bugfix: Construction. Create new trench .

Finnish version

  • Improvements: Presentation Longsection. Draw pipe outer edge for existing objects.

Swedish versjon

  • Bugfix: Presentation Longsection. Update textheight when editing scale.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Danish version

  • Improvment: Group & Level reorganized to be more logical
  • Improvment: “km” is according to updated design standard removed from the signs

Finnish version

  • bugfix: 611MB - The arrow was a little too wide
  • bugfix: ??

Norwegian version

  • bugfix: 731 - There was not possible to add service/mini-signs to colorfield
  • bugfix: The function that creates layers in the drawing according to PROF was not working

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • bugfix: Using grips to edit cross-walk caused a fatal error on some machines
  • bugfix: The programe caused AutoCAD to display a error message when saving a drawing after reopen a drawing and then save it again

Estonian version

  • bugfix: Missing linetypes added

French version

  • bugfix: T4 3u and LC 3u updated

Updates for Area Planning

  • Build all surfaces - surface border did not follow the surface line when it included arcs.
  • Dimensions could not be exported to SOSI
  • Update surface manually did not work

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