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Novapoint 18.00.FP1

Release date: 2010-04-07

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Updates in NP Base

  • Various fixes to SOSI4 import
  • Fix to Quadri line drawing
  • Fix for terrain cross sections drawn to wrong layers from DTM

Updates in Novapoint Landscape

Elevation Tools 2.2

Elevation tools now maintain all positions inside point elevation object. If changes are made in settings regarding styles for point elevations you may need to update point elevations in the drawing. This will be done using the new function “Update point elevations”

When manually giving point elevations attributes Change to point elevation retained, Change to point elevation omitted, Terrace height - point elevations are automatically updated.


  • The distance between point elevation text and underline and leader is increased in order to get lines in drawing not to merge.

New function:

  • “Update point elevations”: function will reset selected point elevations to default


  • Underlines that disappeared when using function “Move point elevation x,y” are now unmoved.

Updates in Novapoint Road

  • Fix for fatal error when drawing slope symbols from road model
  • Small fix in alignment style editor
  • Fix for drawing cross sections with elements outside the frame
  • Fix for incorrectly presented cross sections when line-line connections
  • Fix for incorrectly calculated volumes when sodding used in landscaping
  • Now possible to change number of decimals used in road model again
  • Various fixes to PE longtitudional profile drawing
  • Fixed minor boundary issue when drawing road models
  • Minor fix for filled ditches

Updates in Novapoint Area Planning

Updates for all countries:

  • Connecting areas in large plans have been improved and are now faster

Updates for Norwegian version

  • Adding minor changes for an area plan made in PBL 1985 using PBL 2008 can be done
  • Export of SOSI 4.1 with both PBL 1985 and PBL 2008 is ok.
  • Import of SOSI 4.1 with both PBL 1985 and PBL 2008 is ok.
  • ..VERTNIV has been added as a general properti that can be set in SOSI-head setup.
  • New plan types for SOSI 4.1, mixed PBL has been added for both detail and municipal plans.
  • Sometimes correct polylines where not included in the export due to problems detecting if the line was inside the planning area. This has been corrected
  • Import of plan from SOSI has been improved

Updates for Swedish version

  • New category under symbols in Illustration plan with illustrations of boats
  • Changed the symbols for building heights and height over 0 to not include + sign.
  • Legend has been improved

Updates in Novapoint Railway

All versions

  • Enhancement: Cant, cant deficiency and speed are now exported from DTM to LandXML together with the alignment.
  • Bugfix: Editing of cant in Track Data dialog is disabled to avoid mismatch with data saved by Alignment Design.
  • Bugfix: Drawing - Sodding was not presented correctly in the railway model cross section drawings.
  • Bugfix: Reports - Measure points was accumulating when running ALC report several times.
  • Bugfix: Old Tools - Draw vertical alignment - IOBRAILL.ARX did not load correctly or crashed.

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

  • Several bugs in the functionality for 3D-drawing are corrected
  • Several bugs in the functionality for volume calculation are corrected - including performance issues
  • Several bugs in the functionality for survey data export are corrected.
  • Perimeter modeling: New functionality is included to let you model an asymmetric perimeter with a straight vertical wall on one side and a curved wall on the other side.

Updates in Novapoint Water and sewer

All versions

Distance analysis

  • Corrected calcualtion to include pipe wallthikness

Presentation Longsection

  • Corrected calculation to show manhole in correct station outside node
  • Corrected calculation to avoid “zig-zag” pattern on pipes in “outer” corner of trench

Norwegian version

Presentation Longsection

  • Improved presentation of satellites for manholes “outside” node
  • New Layer added for line between pipes in databand


  • Corrected export to KOF to include all trenches

Swedish version

Presentation Longsection

  • Improved presentation

Belgium version

Presentation Longsection

  • Improved presentation

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

All version

  • Bugfix: The “preview image” of signs was on some machines not visible in main dialogue (#494)

Belgian version

  • Bugfix: Load Road Sign Professional menu with license in module loader was not loading the module (#579)
  • Bugfix: The Xlarge size of sign is changed to 1100mm (#578)
  • Bugfix: Inserting G-group signs Type VIIIa, VIIIb, VIIIc, VIIId resulting FATAL ERROR (#577)
  • Bugfix: Geometry was missing (hatch) when rotate sign (#576)

Danish version

  • Improvment: U4.1 & U4.2 - It's now possible to change mini-symbole (#594)
  • Bugfix: Explode function improved for undersigns (#598)

French version

  • Bugfix: Wrong font file was used when saving image to PNG-file (#629)

Norwegian version

  • Feature: Connection to Size-aMast from Lattix AS added (Size-aMast can be downloaded from
  • Improvment: Explode function improved (#351)
  • Improvment: Option for “mounting frame” added to a lot of directional signs (#353)
  • Improvment: 751 - It's now more easy to change the direction of the arrow (#508)
  • Bugfix: Some signs was not using the “RoundUp” value for length (#386)
  • Bugfix: 701.1 - the height of plate was not ok if only one line of text (#446)
  • Bugfix: 701.1 - the size of arrow “701.V90” and “701.H90” was not ok (#443)
  • Bugfix: 703.2 - Support for orange background was missing (#589)
  • Bugfix: 705.1 - the distance from edge of sign to border was not ok on yellow background (#387)
  • Bugfix: 538.M - the sign was not available (#457)
  • Bugfix: The geometry for the following signs was not correct in height → 502, 503, 504, 505, 526.1 & 526.2 (#451)
  • Bugfix: The size of 556 and 558 was not correct in ini-file (#452)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All version

  • Bugfix: Insert symbole along line - there was not easy to control the direction (#590)
  • Bugfix: The preview of symbols was not always ok without loading the module (#595)
  • Bugfix: The fill color was not updated when changeing color on a symbol (#596)
  • Bugfix: Roadmarkings created in active MVIEW was not stored in modelspace (#592)

Belgian version

  • Bugfix: Draw quantity table was missing in toolbar (#523)
  • Bugfix: Draw traffic line forced a “fatal error” when mispicking a linetype from drawing (#524)

Estonian version

  • Improvment: Some missing objects added… 949d, 971a, 971b, 979a, 979b, 981a & 981b (#521)

Finnish version

  • Improvment: Symbols for speed limit has been added (#539)
  • Improvment: The symbol names are updated to reflect the one used in the design standard (#588)

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Version 6.0 (Released April 2010)

Major new features

  • Model generation speed enhancements using multiple processors
  • Numerous new modeling enhancements including building façade texturing tool
  • Clash calculation tool in Viewer
  • Enhanced user interface in Viewer

General changes

  • Users with Novapoint have Virtual Map installed as part of Novapoint design package since version 5.1. Users without Novapoint should install Virtual Map as a separate product. Updates to the product will be delivered both Novapoint updates and as separate update packages (for users without Novapoint).
  • New texture library with higher resolution textures and in PNG format
  • Elements which have parameters defined into CAD object (xdata) will now function as multiple elements / all elements they are defined in config. In previous versions these elements only functioned as elements defined in CAD object properties. Now for ex-ample buildings that have façade textures attached to building wall line can also be-have as negative element areas for removing forests around buildings. Also if facades are defined as fence parameters and fence polyline is in building layer, there will be both fence and building. In this case fence should be moved to a different layer defined as fence and not as building.
  • Numerous bug fixes (not listed here)

New features in Model Builder

  • Model generation has been accelerated by implementing multithreading into the system. This allows using power of multiple processors or processor cores to speed up model generation.
  • Virtual Map 6.0 introduces hierarchical groups; groups can be under other groups.
  • Interpolation of elements is no longer affected by groups
  • Right click on material (fast material selection and creation from texture)
  • Right click when building polyline is selected (façade texturing tool)
  • Tool to generate report of VM config: with dwg layers it uses
  • Automatic backup saving of vm-modeler.ini before every generation
  • Undo function for configuration changes
  • Negative element area now works on elements that have object parameter (like build-ings with facades)
  • Model generation priority parameter to control the order of model generation
  • Animations are not generated if dwg contains no polylines even if animation definition exists
  • Position offset follows AutoCAD block rotation (offsets to rotation direction)
  • Generic new parameters for objects (depending object type)
    • buffer (expand area outwards / inwards)
    • auto_segmentation_angle (divides polyline curved segments based on angle)
    • group (added to surfaces and road models)
    • z-rotating = yes/no (automatically rotates elements along z-axis towards viewer)
    • z-rotation = angle (rotates elements along horizontal axis)
    • alignment = default / surface (aligns objects along surface)
  • Surface Models
    • cut_mode (automatic cut surface to another none/yes/weld)
    • group
  • Road Models
    • group
  • Material Areas
    • automatic_texcoords=fit (automatically fit texture to material area size)
    • Extruded material areas can now be generated using patch option
  • Forests
    • buffer
  • Buildings
    • facade_materials (list of materials for facades – multiple textures / building)
    • texture_autofit (façade texturing mode; segment, polyline)
  • Road lines
    • auto_segmentation_angle
  • Fences
    • z-rotation = angle (rotates fence along polyline axis)
    • auto_segmentation_angle
  • Ditches
    • auto_segmentation_angle
  • Pipes
    • auto_segmentation_angle
  • Single elements
    • z-rotating
    • z-rotation
    • alignment
  • Element chains
    • z-rotating
    • z-rotation
    • alignment
  • Element areas
    • z-rotating
    • z-rotation
    • buffer
    • area_around_points (creates a circular element area around each point)
    • area_along_lines (creates an element area around the polylines)
    • alignment
  • Meshes
    • alignment
  • Animations
    • rotation_xyz_per_second (will rotate the 3d-object around its x-axis while mov-ing, unit is angle / second for each axis like 360,0,0 will rotate object one round / second)

New features in Viewer

  • Clash Calculation
    • Clash calculation is an engineering tool that automatically calculates collisions be-tween different structures in the model. Calculation is done with plain geometry infor-mation which makes it possible to calculate collisions between any Virtual Map model elements.
  • Modernized new user interface allows dockable windows like groups, viewpoints etc.
  • Some parts of model rendering have been improved in performance
  • Viewpoints have been enhanced to allow user defined additional information fields and save group state
  • Drag navigation model has been enhanced
  • Night lighting simulation allows users to define any element to act like light source and simulate night driving along roads and streets
  • snap for measurement tape allows snapping to model vertices and element middle points
  • AVI export has been enabled for vmz files if valid license exists
  • Export Viewer package now separates model and viewer files into “Files” subfolder and keeps only start.bat in main folder
  • Turning groups on and off has been much faster
  • GoToHome function keeps looking direction and zooms out the whole model
  • VRML export
    • exports custom pipe geometry correctly
    • fence texture not any more mirrored
  • Changed the search maximum distance to 30000 to make search function in larger area
  • Updated simulated sky global ambient intensity to lower value to give more contrast to model when simulated sky is on

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