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Novapoint 18.00.FP1c

Release date: 2010-07-08

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Updates for Novapoint Base

All configurations

  • Bugfix: Long section drawing in some cases had a problem with line-line sections in vertical geometry (ticket 517)

Norwegian configuration

  • Enhancement: SOSI 4.2 now supported for import, export and conversion

Danish configuration

  • Bugfix: Import of DSFL-files - fixed cases where file ends in a text definition (ticket 263)
  • Bugfix: Import of DSFL-files - fixed problem where circles were not read correctly in 2D (ticket 264)

Swedish configuration

  • Bugfix: Import of PXY-files, problem where last line is read as a single point (ticket 332)

Updates for Novapoint Road

All configurations

  • Road - Draw Longitudinal profile - Draw Longitudinal profile from Road Model. A major change in this function. The two choices under Terrain profile settings have been changed to “With breaklines” and “Without breaklines”

With breaklines - the profile is based on all the information that has been stored in the DTM. The profile will draw the original terrain with breaklines, subsurface layers with breaklines and existing objects. In addition crossing wireframe models will be drawn separately. The source for the profile is from the last build of the road model. In the road model under Model - Settings - L. Profile the brekline calculation can be switched on or off, parallel terrain lines can also be added. The default setting for the breakline calculation is on. Turning it off will speed up the Road model build. Note: The “With breaklines” option will not draw sub surface layers that only have been defined in the road model. Sub surface layers must be defined in the DTM if they are to be drawn.

Without breaklines - the profile is drawn solely from the cross sections in the road model as previously. (ticket 300)

  • Deep blasting against ditch surface problem on right hand side fixed (ticket 617)

Norwegian configuration

  • Bugfix: Import from KOF-file does not update DeltaZ and slope (ticket 532)
  • Bugfix: Dimension class A3 corrected (ticket 607)

Finnish configuration

  • Bugfix: Updates to long profile styles (ticket 776)

Danish configuration

  • Bugfix: Sight distance analysis - modification and fix for Icelandic users (ticket 409/445)
  • Bugfix: Translation in rehabilitation dialogue fixed (ticket 611)

Swedish configuration

  • Enhancement: Added more quantities to Swedish Excel report (ticket 538)
  • Enhancement: Cross-section drawings (ticket 510)
  • Bugfix: Missing data from Excel reports is reinstated (ticket 129/127)

Spanish configuration

  • Bugfix: Road model wizard fixed (ticket 541)

Updates in Novapoint Railway

All versions

  • Bugfix: Platform Design: dY not interpolated linearly between OB and OE. (Ticket #646)
  • Bugfix: Setting out data from Railway projects to LandXML. Vertical geom is included in cross section (Ticket #576)
  • Bugfix: Cant presentation in the long profile drawing is incorrect in some doubletrack situations (Ticket #540)
  • Bugfix: CS Wizard: Model is not built even if toggle is on (Ticket #665)
  • Bugfix: Export: Wrong railgauge in cant LandXML export (Ticket #652)
  • Enhancement: CS Wizard: Added toggle in calculate page for show/hide rails in CS (Ticket #673)

Belgium version

  • Bugfix: Switch design: Wrong parameters for Belgium TJD* switches (Ticket #672)

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

Asymmetric cross sections

New functionality for modeling asymmetric tunnel cross sections is now included in NP Tunnel. Asymmetric cross sections supports different values at the left and right tunnel walls for the wall radiuses and height up to the wall curve center. In addition functionality for modeling a straight wall on one side of the tunnel and a curved wall on the other side of the tunnel is included

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


  • Updated Novapoint QuickShip to also include WS model files


  • Bugfix: Now possible to use decimals for trench slope
  • Updated alignment styles: “Text orientation” added in alignment styles (WaterSewer-Reference-Left and WaterSewer-Reference-Right).


  • Bugfix Node-rename/selection in tree view: When renaming a node and selecting the next node in the tree view, the connections under the renamed node was wrong. They belonged to the connection before the one selected.
  • Bugfix Connection-rename/selection in tree view: When renaming a connection in grid, so it’s not the first connection in the tree view, and set focus on the next cell in the grid, the tree focus was still the first connection.
  • Bugfix: When moving a node along a curved, road attached trench by entering a new station, farther from the node's original position than the segment length, the curve was not updated. If user then afterwards selected “Update Road references”, the pipes was cut.
  • Bugfix: When deleting a node and the pipe had horizontal vertices the reference pipes got wrong end elevation.
  • Improved edit functionality: Now possible to edit pipe elevation with mouse right click menu in plan drawing. And the elevation can be presented in the plan graphic by activating it in the Construction dialog Tools-menu.
  • Improved edit functionality: Added new question regarding Pipe elevation when moving node in plan drawing.
  • Improved edit functionality: Small change in Renumbering dialog. And fixed renumbering if same type of manholes where connected to one node.


  • Bugfix Cross section: Sewage pressure pipe drawn to wrong elevation (the wall thickness too high).
  • Improved LS userinterface: 1)Frame setting lenght and height : now mean the size of border frame - 2)Insertion point: now mean to lower left point of the border frame
  • Improved 3D solid presenation for concrete manhole taper and adjusting unit


  • Bugfix: Updated export of 3D trench line model
  • Bugfix: LandXML export produced a “non-valid” if pipe not connected to object in endpoint

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

All versions

  • Feature: Save image now support colormapping (#730)
  • Improvment: Save image has improved the image quality (#739)

Belgian version

  • Feature: Werfaankondiging added (#642)

Danish version

  • Bugfix: Save image from toolbar started old version (#700)

Finnish version

  • Bugfix: 611 - some text was not correct aligned (#357)
  • Bugfix: 611 - some text started at incorrect place in color field (#582)
  • Bugfix: 642 & 642M - incorrect dimensioning fixed (#552)
  • Bugfix: 701 - incorrect dimensioning fixed (#553)
  • Bugfix: Rotated view - still not perfect but much better than earlier (#584)
  • Bugfix: Geometry was overlapping and caused the hatch to disappear in 863 & 863p (#585)
  • Bugfix: Save image from toolbar started old version (#700)
  • Bugfix: Portal reference line was not working correcly (#391)

Norwegian version

  • Improvment: the characters “\”, ”/”, ”%” and ”:” added to the font (#571)
  • Improvment: all white text is now defined as color 255 (#244)
  • Improvment: 560.21-24 - signs for “automatic toll” added (#643)
  • Improvment: 570.2 - added to program (#697)
  • Improvment: 701.1 - mini 312 change size when change TH (#764)
  • Improvment: 707.1 - added to program (#644)
  • Improvment: 711 - mini 312 change size when change TH (#765)
  • Improvment: 719.11 - added to program (#740)
  • Improvment: 723.31 - added as legal “mini sign”. Rules according “NA-rundskriv nr 2010/3” (#338)
  • Improvment: 813 - added to program (#698)
  • Improvment: Function for draw a MTEXT in the same angle as a sign added (#701)
  • Improvment: The boundary for Wipeout is improved (#731)
  • Improvment: Settings dialogue redesigned and now support user def. scale (#732)
  • Bugfix: 560 - 723.21 and 723.22 was missing from “Add road number” (#653)
  • Bugfix: 705.2 - minimum distance to 723.71-73 was not correct (#755)
  • Bugfix: 711 - the vertcal distance to arrow was not ok if only “text” + arrow 711.H90 (#756)
  • Bugfix: 906 - US version was missing (#686)
  • Bugfix: 763 - Geometry was overlapping and caused the hatch to disappear (#754)
  • Bugfix: Geometry was overlapping and caused the hatch to disappear in 204.0, 616 & 626 (#702)
  • Bugfix: There was in sometimes wrong distance to content when using mounting frame (#758)
  • Bugfix: The mounting frame now draw as one polyline in outline mode (#759)

Updates for Novapoint Area planning

  • Norwegian version updated to SOSI version 4.2

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