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Novapoint 18.10

Main news in Novapoint 18.10

Novapoint 18.10 is now released and has the same functionality as Novapoint 18.00.FP1c with some exceptions.
In Novapoint Base the function Draw Contours from Grid modelā€¦ has been disabled. This will be fixed in FP1.
In Novapoint Water and sewer the configuration database had to be changed. See Novapoint WS for more info. In Novapoint 17.30 32 bit and 18.10 32 the Novapoint WS configuration database will also be changed so all three versions will have the same configuration database. Novapoint 17.30 and 18.10 32 bit) will be released in the next few weeks.
In Novapoint Landscape Product Explore has been disabled (also due to database problems) and an alternative solution will be released in 18.10 64 bit FP1.
In Novapoint Tunnel the function 3D Triangulation is disabled. This will be fixed in FP1.

The recommended platforms for Novapoint 18.10 are 64 bit AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 and 2011.

Note we do not recommend that a 32 bit Novapoint and a 64 bit Novapoint are installed together. This is not tested and may cause problems.

Note Novapoint Noise, Novapoint District Heating, Novapoint Land Acquisation and Novapoint Waterways are seperate installasjons and will be released over the next few weeks.

Changes in Novapoint Landscape

Product explorer and plant database

Product explorer will not be upgraded to perform on 64 bit system. The function will not be available in this version. The plant database will return in coming updates.

Missing functionality in Novapoint Tunnel

All the functionality in Novapoint Tunnel 17.20 FP2g and 18.00 FP1c is included with the following exceptions

  • 3D Triangulation
  • Functionality included in fix patches (zip files) sent out to 27/9-10 and 18/11-10

Updates in Novapoint Bridge

The functionality in Novapoint Bridge is the same as for 17.20 FP2g and 18.00 FP1c

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


  • New configuration database is implemented.

Existing Access database(.mdb), is replaced with Microsoft SQL CE (.sdf).

  When starting a new WS project in version NP18.10 a SDF-file will be stored under "..\WsConfig"-directory
  instead of a MDB-file, as in version NP18.00.
  Import function in configuration is extended to search for both filetypes .mdb and .sdf.
  Userinterface is not changed.


  • New layout. Contents is the same.

Updates for Area Planning

This version is identical to 17.20Fp2g and 18.00fp1c

Updates in Novapoint Land Acquisition Planner

New project file

New project file is implemented. Existing Access database(.mdb), is replaced with a Extensible Markup Language file (.xml).

  When starting a new LACQP project the program wil automatically start to use the new project file.
  We have implemented import function for old project files on .mdb format.
  Userinterface is not changed.

Import old project
  1. Convert old .mdb file with the function Tools - Convert old databaseā€¦ (The program will automatically create a .xml file in the same folder as the old .mdb).
  2. Open old project and select the .xml file as the new project file to use.

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Version 6.0.3 (Released December 2010)

Released versions

  • Novapoint 18
    • Integrated in Novapoint 18.10 installation packages (64bit)

Bug fixes

  • Parts of terrain was randomly missing from Viewer

Known issues

  • Missing 32bit Viewer package export in Novapoint 18.10 64bit

  • Some ATI drivers use much more memory that should and therefore 32bit Virtual Map Viewer can run out of memory and crash on large models. In such case only known solution currently is to use 64bit version of Virtual Map for large models.
  • For big models and databases we recommend 64bit Windows and 64bit Virtual Map as solution if Virtual Map comes to errors that are caused by out of memory.

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