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Novapoint 18.10.FP1

Release date: 2011-03-21

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New in FP1:

FP1 is a major improvement with significant improvements and additions to many Novapoint modules.

Novapoint Base - Cross section from an AutoCAD drawing has been improved and now includes a link to the Novapoint terrain model. Quality control form Site Tool has been added.

Novapoint Road - a new dynamic cross section drafting tool that optimises the placement of cross sections in sheets. bug fixes.

Novapoint Railway - a new 3D Train tool for drafting a 3D solid of the train path along an alignment for single and double track. Used for clash control. Bug fixes.

Novapoint Area Planning (Land use planning). major improvements for Norway and Sweden.

Novapoint Virtual Map - a new major release with many quality improvements. Reads Water and Sewer directly ( as in road), improved LANDXML import.

Novapoint Water and Sewer (road drainage) - added Redo and Undo, 3D solid export, Import/Export between water and Sewer projects.

Novapoint Landscape - 3D functionality added in line construction. Support for the Swedish plant database, “Movium Plantarum”. Support for the Finnish and Norwegian plant databases will be implemented in FP2.

Novapoint Traffic Sign - bug fixes

Novapoint Tunnel - bug fixes

FP1 has also been prepared for installation on AutoCAD 2012 platforms.

“Note” we do not recommend that a 32 bit Novapoint and a 64 bit Novapoint are installed together. This is not tested and may cause problems.

Bug in FP1:

The “Draw Contours from Grid Model” has been disabled. Will be restored in FP2. The Finnish and Norwegain plant database have been disabled. This will be restored in FP2.

New in Base:

3D cross section:

This allows the user to create a cross section based on 3D elements in a drawing. It has now been improved to add terrain from DTM. (#800)

Quality control:

Previously only available in Site tool, Quality control allows the user to compare surveyed data of a built project to the road model data as planned.

New in Landscape

Line Construction:

3D functionality added in line construction.

Plant database:

Support for the Swedish plant database, “Movium Plantarum”. Support for the Finnish and Norwegian plant databases will be implemented in FP2.

New in Road:

Cross section generator:

This release includes our brand new cross section generator. It builds on the previous version, but includes new features for generating intelligent and space-efficient layouts, with minimal manual work by the user. The generator is very configureable and powerful, and also includes the possibility of updating by using the NCO-function.

Don't panic! The previous tool as still included, but has been moved Tools (older versions).


Road model:

Slight changes have been made to the way planum works. Where previously the input planum was automatically corrected so the planum would join up with the ditch, it now allows the users input to define the planum behaviour to a greater degree. This can cause existing projects where the user has been careless in defining the planum to change cross section and quantity. (#240)

Junction wizard now works with larger Euref coordinates (#699)

Rehab now works correctly against feature codes.

Sodding - number of possible surfaces increased from 20 to 56.

Save as - Source data to terrain model now works again. This is a little known function that creates a terrain model based on the calculated road model. Very handy if you need to rebuild a road model but don't have the terrain model for it.

Exporting LandXML data from the road model has been enhanced for machine control systems (#793)

Settings dialogue now includes setting for closed drainage.

In addition several other smaller errors and fixes have been made.

Line construction:

Previously if the user cancelled editing a line the vertical portion would not always revert to it's previous status. This should be in order now. (#789)

Updates for Area Planning

Areaplanning is updated to SOSI 4.3 for Norwegian version, and in Swedish version the 2 plan types have become one.

Updates in Novapoint Railway

All versions

  • Enhancement: A new features is 3D train, where the user can display the train “free profile” in cross section and calculate the 3D model out of it. This in combination with clash detection in Virtual map is very useful!

  • Enhancement: Cant transitions are no longer limited to follow alignment elements Ticket #818)
  • Enhancement: Import all track data from the LandXML file (Ticket #753)
  • Enhancement: CS Wizard: Sync calculation interval with interval in railway model (Ticket #767)
  • Enhancement: CS Wizard: Slope for the ballast shoulder (Ticket #872)
  • Enhancement: New cross section tool for railway, same as in road (Ticket #885)

  • Bugfix: Railway model crashes if the design parameters -tab is selected. (Ticket #683)
  • Bugfix: Symbol Insertion: Acad crashes if pressing “Insert block” and no block selected (Ticket #684)
  • Bugfix: CS Wizard: Sync calculation interval with interval in railway model (Ticket #685)
  • Bugfix: CS Wizard: Group 3 ghost surfaces causes model build error (Ticket #686)
  • Bugfix: Cross sections from railway model; location of the elevation leader when cant is zero (Ticket #688)
  • Bugfix: Designed Objects missing in Raiway Model (Ticket #787)
  • Bugfix: CS Wizard: Error in calculation of ballast on leftcurved doubletracks (Ticket #789)
  • Bugfix: Alignment design Input/horizontal is not available (Ticket #828)
  • Bugfix: CS Wizard: Cant operation fails when horizontal is ARC and preceded by CLOTHOID (Ticket #829)
  • Bugfix: Platform Design: Interpolation of vertical fails in some cases (Ticket #830)
  • Bugfix: Cross section wizard, translation (Ticket #835)
  • Bugfix: Update the TrackData dialog according to the active railway model (Ticket #895)

Finnish version

  • Enhancement: Railway model: add km stations to excel reports (volumes and alignment info) (Ticket #765)
  • Enhancement: Distance between two alignments; add km stations to the report (Ticket #766)
  • Enhancement: Railway model: enable usage of km stations in the model (Ticket #775)

Fixes in Tunnel

Error in LandXML export

In the LandXML files produced from the menu choice ”Export of Survey Data” and with ”Only sections with geometry change” selected, some cross-sections with geometry changes were sometimes neglected. This error is now corrected.

Error in the tunnel geometry when the reference line for the road is not on the base line for the tunnel cross-section

In some areas in a few tunnels (often at on- and off ramps) the reference line for the road is not on the base line for the tunnel. For these cross-sections the radius center points for two succeeding cross-section curves were not in line with the transition point between the two cross-section curves (in other word: The tangents of the two curves were not parallel at the transition point). This is now corrected.

Error in the geometry of parametric cross-sections with straight walls and transition curves

The geometry generation failed when you defined a parametric inner profile with straight walls and transition curve. This is now corrected.

Error when you switch between independent left/right rotation and normal rotation of the inner profile

The closing of the perimeter against the base could in some situations fail when you shift between independent left/right rotation and normal rotation of the inner profile. This is now corrected.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


  • New configuration database is implemented.

Existing Access database(.mdb), is replaced with Microsoft SQL CE (.sdf).

  When starting a new WS project in version NP18.10 a SDF-file will be stored under "..\WsConfig"-directory
  instead of a MDB-file, as in version NP18.00.
  Import function in configuration is extended to search for both filetypes .mdb and .sdf.
  Userinterface is not changed.
  • Reopened UI: Set fixed gradient(Settings > Configuration..). Will be used as input for new locked branch trench.


  • New layout. Contents is the same.


  • New: Undo/Redo
  • New: Possible to Import/Export trench data from one WS model to another.
  • New: Possible to lock gradient for branch trench.


  • Fix: Wrong calculation of gradient in Long section.

3D presentation

  • New: Possible to draw 3D SOLID for existing object from terrain model to drawing
  • New: Possible to add more information to Layer name for 3D SOLID objects from WS model

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Norwegian version

  • Feature: Possible to export all selected signs to Virtual Map (#947)
  • Improvment: TSEXPLODE now support color version of geometry (#631)
  • Bugfix: Text - the text was not ok in outline mode (#886)
  • Bugfix: 108 - geometry was overlapping (#869)
  • Bugfix: 703 - round up value for length was not 100mm (#1018)
  • Bugfix: 705.1 - it was not possible to add “color-filed” (#908)
  • Bugfix: 719.11 - fatal error if using 3xx.xx as mini (#1042)
  • Bugfix: 723.41 - was missing in mini-symbols for directional signs (#895)
  • Bugfix: 727.1 - support for two lines of text was missing (#961)
  • Bugfix: 560.2 - added to library as a std. sign. (#1047)

Danish version

  • Feature: K11 - new undersign with MK pictogram added (#949)
  • Feature: I20 - new sign added (#950)
  • Feature: F33 - new signs added (#951)
  • Feature: UA/UC - new signs added (#952)
  • Bugfix: Insert sign - was always using “current layer” (#995)
  • Bugfix: J12 - wrong size when only one straight arrow (#902)
  • Bugfix: E50 & E52 - size “H (500mm x 600mm)” added (#830)
  • Bugfix: K11 & K12 - was crashing AutoCAD (#937)
  • Bugfix: K12 - to many service symbols was available (#994)
  • Bugfix: M9 - added as service symbol (#925)
  • Bugfix: G14 - the angle on arrowhead changed to 45° (#926)
  • Bugfix: N42,3 - was somtimes not possible to insert (#978)

Finnish version

  • Feature: Possible to export all selected signs to Virtual Map (#947)
  • Improvment: 141a - new sign added (#802)
  • Bugfix: Portal - the foundation of the portal was sometime below the surface (#566)
  • Bugfix: 514 - some combinations of only road number was missing (#586)
  • Bugfix: 612 & 632 - some problems regarding editing after moved road numbers to text field (#803)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • Bugfix: Quantity table - AutoCAD recover dwg reported to errors in the table (#997)

French version

  • Improvment: Linetype - linetype “T2 5u (u=5cm)” and “Guidaxe” added (#885)

Swedish version

  • Bugfix: Chevrones - the angle was not 1:2 (#916)
  • Bugfix: Reference symbol - update function crashed AutoCAD (#936)

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Version 6.1

New features

  • New method for handling large XREF scenes. XREF method can be selected when re-activating XREF in Model menu. First method is the old method using AutoCAD undo which sometimes fail and caused memory usage increase because of bug in AutoCAD undo. New method doesn’t use undo, but saves dwg, then generates model and then re-opens it, so avoiding the use of undo.
  • Novapoint Water & Sewer support; direct link to database and automatic model generation.
  • LandXML import supports irregular line elements from alignments.
  • LandXML import new feature “Locked” allows users to unlock surfaces from cut operations allowing LandXML surfaces to cut into each other in order of configuration.
  • Changed group behavior so that generation of elements is not affected by groups. For example interpolation nor target layer doesn’t depend on groups, groups function only as on/off for elements.
  • AutoCAD layer name is saved as object property and can be seen in Viewer InfoTool with “Show Ad-vanced Info for Every Object” setting.
  • New tool in Modeler / Configuration Summary will show summary of configuration and useful info like: Layers with no VM definition, Layers with multiple VM definitions, List of all layers and VM definitions and VM definitions with no matching layer.
  • Pipes with 0.0 thickness can now be highlighted with InfoTool.
  • City of Bodø (Norway) added to city list for sunlight analysis function.
  • Purge has new option to purge unused groups.
  • Target layer now works on material areas and roadlines with patch mode and doesn’t depend on group.
  • Help button available in LandXML and WS import.
  • Default value for fog has been lowered to make models more clear when looked far away.
  • Texture compression made available on lower end ATI graphics cards making models with many textures run much faster.

Bug fixes

  • Numerous stability fixes when modeler crashed during model generation.
  • Sometimes Viewer loaded model fine but no 3d was displayed.
  • Meshes with large dimensions or insertion point in 0,0 was sometimes shaking in Viewer.
  • Modeler now ignores 3dfaces with all corners in 0,0,0 that sometimes come from Novapoint Bridge and caused erratic model dimensions and large dimension blocks.
  • Buildings now become same height independent of base height parameter (fix for SOSI buildings).
  • Purge will not remove material areas any more that have only solids.
  • Purge now keeps order of road lines and ditches untouched to keep model generation order untouched.
  • Purge now considers also layers in multiple level xref files.
  • Licensing dialog shows always if license check fails, previously users were not able to change licensing type if license check failed.
  • Groups now work for element chains with 3d objects.
  • Turning audio off now turns all audio off.
  • Model dimensions become now correct if there is no surface like when generating only pipes

Known issues

  • When importing a LandXML file to Virtual Map the Material B_Col_DBlue has to be present in the ini file.

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