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Novapoint 18.10.FP2

Release date: 2011-09-02

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Updates for Area Planning

Version 18.10FP2 64 bit
  • Area planning - tooltip did not work with AuoCAD 2012.

News and updates in Landscape

Version 18.10FP2 64 bit
  • NOR/FIN: New textbased plantdatabase in Landscape for planting design.
  • New functionalities: Draw single alignement and Draw setup configuration in Landscape > Construct Lines and polygons

Updates Terrain

Version 18.10FP2 64 bit
  • Help-buttons in Novapoint Terrain link to Wikinova Terrain

Updates for Road

Version 18.10FP2 64 bit
  • Control of min. road bed thickness

In 18.10 FP2 a new switch has been added to the road bed dialog. When this switch is activated the road pavement calculation checks to ensure that the minimum road pavement thickness is achieved across the whole cross section. So if a user makes a change to the road bed form which gives a road pavement thickness less than that defined the whole road bed will be moved down to ensure the minimum thickness. If a user wishes to specify a road bed without the control of the minimum thickness the switch should be deactivated. Below an example with the Switch active and deactivated.

Control of min. road bed thickness active.

Control of min. road bed thickness deactivated.

The switch can also be turned on/off in the Model – Settings dialog under the Element tab:

The default value is active. A warning is given if the road bed cuts an upper road pavement layer. It is recommended that the road model is built from the Model – Build menu. Apply in the road bed dialog will not update the model when the switch is changed.

  • Draw road model - road model elements can now be drawn to DWG in 3D directly
  • Draw road model - draw contours now also works for elevation below zero
  • Draw cross sections - the DWG-file for title fields can now be in AutoCad 2010-format
  • 3 new Excel-based reports for detailed information from road model (can be found under the international reports, only English language for the time being: 1. Road pavement: Superstructure for every used surface, whith thickness, area and volume per Superstructure layer in each station and total. 2. Cut volume separated per Soil-type, per station and total 3. 2D and 3D area, width and slope for all used surfaces per station)
  • Fixed: Wire frame models complete for profiles above 10.000 meter
  • Fixed: VR-viewer shows complete terrain again
  • Fixed: Improvments to Finnish long profiles and drawing of horizontal alignments
  • Fixed: Using a line as surface edge now works for 4-series surfaces

News and updates in Tunnel

  • Flexible functionality for reading of different ASCII-based point cloud formats
  • Triangulation functionality for scanner data
  • Dynamic functionality for cross-section inspection of scanned and triangulated surface against designed tunnel
  • Advanced cross-section AutoCAD drawing generation. Several layout drawings can be generated in one session. Scanner data information (scanner data surfaces and area/distance calculations)can be included on the cross-section drawings.
  • Improved 3D drawing functionality for both designed tunnel and scanned tunnel
  • New functionality for geology- and rock support registration: Background images, importing MWD-data, registration of water and freezing protection, registration of documents at face.
  • More Excel export functions from geology and rock support registration: Q-value data, discontinuity data
  • Improved LandXML export. Possibility to export just a part of the tunnel.
  • Several stability issues are corrected
  • Several errors in the LandXML export are corrected

Updates for Bridge

  • Longitudinal profile: Offset functionality for terrain profile is corrected

Updates for Water and Sewer - Cable

Version 18.10FP2 64 bit

Added new, and extended existing, functionality for supporting Cable design


  • New function for designing trench with depth relative to terrain, by digitizing breakpoints or select polyline in drawing
  • Applied arc approximation on trench section vertical geometry. The function work the same way as for existing horizontal geometry.
  • Updated user interface for trench relative/attached to road model. New checkbox to enable “vertical approximation - trench relative to terrain”;

• If checkbox is NOT marked ⇒ pipes are design linear between nodes (as existing functionality). • If checkbox IS marked ⇒ pipes (trench) follows relative to terrain with depth set as default frost proof depth in configuration.

  • New settings under Tool menu to view the pipes and connections with the correct dimensions and wall thickness in the design graphic.
  • Extended model and updated construction dialog for connections;

• Now possible to design sircular and rectangular mannhole base, -taper and -adjusting unit. Also possible to add info about top cover type. • Added rotation for connection

  • On node right click menu added possibility to turn text info on/off
  • Updated user interface on trench- and section level with possibility to change the cross section description


  • New definition for rectangular pipes and manholes in Connection Material menu
  • New reference point Center, and check box for Pressure type in Pipe menu
  • New tab connected to pipe material to describe Virtual Map texture name. Texture name, if given, will be added as suffix in pipe layer name for “3D SOLID export to drawing”.
  • New “sub level” on Crossection level to add extra info to a reference pipe


  • Updated user interface with possibility to calculate cross section “From – To” station


  • Updated user interface for generating Reports.

• The existing report dialog is “divided” in two. Now the trench selection part is popping up first. Then the report selection part is shown after clicking OK. (Now the data is stored in a temporary database from where the output to the reports is selected). Virtual Map

  • Updated Virtual Map WS plugin to read rectangular shaped object directly from WS data model.
  • Now possible to view the manhole- and pipe information is presented in the properties dialog by activating the object info button in VM Viewer.

Presentation - Plan drawing

  • New functionality for drawing Cable plan presentation.
  • New drawing config application and drawing editor mode function added in WS main menu and WS toobar.
  • In existing version all Longsection and Cross section styles are predefined. Now drawing config is updated to read the existing configuration database (*.sdf).

Presentation - 3D

  • 3D polyline export;

• Added reference point (small circles) on specific layers • New layer name suffix added for manholes: _MBC=Manhole Bottom Center, _MTC=Manhole Top Center, _MTO=Manhole Top Offset (center of the adjusting unit/rotated top cover)

  • 3D SOLID export;

• Updated user interface with possiility to add prefix/suffix to layer name , and reading Virtual Map Texture input from config database. • Colors for pipes and manholes reading input from config database.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Norwegian version

  • Bugfix: 600 - The content was not center align after selecting mounting frame (#1089)
  • Bugfix: 731 - Mounting frame was added in GUI but not working (#1090)
  • Bugfix: 701.1 - The distance to border was wrong if only text (#1091)
  • Bugfix: 727.1 - Wrong height on plate if only one line of text (#1092)
  • Bugfix: 719.11 - Wrong distance to border for some background colors (#1093)
  • Bugfix: 560 - The distance from frame to border was not following normal standard (#1094)
  • Bugfix: 560 - Mounting frame was not working (#1095)
  • Bugfix: TSEXPLODE - Was not working ok on rotated signs (#1107)
  • Bugfix: OSNAP to signs - 723.15 & 723.16 result in AutoCAD fatal error message (#1179)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • Bugfix: Proxy - Saved geometry improved for arcs (#1188)
  • Bugfix: Road Marking lines - The preview of the line was missing in GUI (#1189)

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Version 6.2 (Released September 2011)

New features

  • Civil3D support
    • users can now generate Civil3D surfaces and pipe networks
    • automatic cutting Civil3D corridor surfaces to terrain
    • automatic grouping
    • material assignment to Civil3D objects from VM material library
    • possible to combine Civil3D, DWG and Novapoint models into same VM model
    • Civil3D needs to be installed and active
    • supports Civil3D 2010, 2011 and 2012, 32bit and 64bit
  • Support for AutoCAD 2012 platform (AutoCAD, Map3D, Civil3D), 32bit and 64bit
  • New parameter interpolate_to_layers has been added to allow users control on which surfaces / layers elements are interpolated to (applies to single element, element chain, element area, mesh, fence, text and pipe, for buildings this was not possible to make in this release)
  • Support for AutoCAD PlaneSurface, SweptSurface,ExtrudedSurface, LoftedSurface and RevolvedSurface. Since 2011 release also NurbsSurface is supported. These 3d-elements are handled like 3dsolid objects and can be defined as Material area or Mesh objects.
  • Group dialog: Expand All / Collapse All (mouse right click menu) will expand or col-lapse all groups (when not over group name) and selected group (when over group name)
  • Edit viewpoints in Viewer:
    • toggle save groups on/off
    • update viewpoint to current camera view
    • re-ordering custom viewpoint columns (not default columns)
    • rename columns
  • Help system has now been moved to web based WikiNova
  • Default view angle (vertical) has been changed from 45 to 30 degrees to make models look closer to how human eye sees and feels depth and distances
  • Speed improvements in model generation and model loading

Bug fixes

  • Object Information and Link Activation Mode works now better
  • 64-bit viewer model export: alBufferData() failed when loading file “VM_Sound_Skidding.wav”: error AL_INVALID_VALUE.
  • Pasting Pipe Cross-section into the config doesn't work
  • Patch material area doesn't generate on top of another patch
  • Search window placed incorrectly
  • Save last viewpoint causes stuttering
  • Group should not affect target layer nor interpolation
  • UCS 3D rotation from AutoCAD for Meshes sometimes wrong
  • Road model import cuts big holes
  • Patch image is rotated in model
  • Pipes are scaled incorrectly
  • Viewpoint group state not working for sub groups
  • Z-buffer problem with a patch mode roadline
  • Dashboard shown too far and mixes with model
  • Long layer names from xref files
  • Changing a pth file with e.g. capital letters will delete the file.
  • Alpha channel not always visible in textured elements
  • Styles in Swedish config don't work
  • Purge removes main group in a tree menu of groups
  • Setting XREF mode FIRST TIME don't work
  • Model extents wrong when no triangles in the dwg
  • Pipes doesn't generate correctly
  • Building a *gen file without 3d faces in dwg
  • Blocks not coming to model correctly when scale is 0.001
  • Enter doesn't work on search
  • Jittering / flashing models
  • Manholes are modeled with inner radius …
  • Pipe reference level in info text …
  • Apply in configuration dialog should not update viewer position
  • Block instances has gone broken

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