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Novapoint 18.10.FP2c

Release date: 2011-12-13

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Updates in Novapoint Base

Version 18.10FP2c 64 bit

Draw Map from Terrain Model

  • Fixed: Using AutoCAD Map products took a very long time (hours).
  This is changed to produce LW Polylines directly to avoid problems with Convert in AutoCAD Map.
  All Polylines will if possible be LW Polyline.
  This will reduces time to draw map and will also reduce the AutoCAD DWG size significantly.

Oppdateringer i Novapoint Road

Version 18.10FP2c 64 bit

Draw Standard Cross-section… under Road - Drawing Generator is no longer available

Recommand use of Road - Draw Cross-Section - Draw Cross-Section from Road Model… and draw a sutiable profile for your standard cross section.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Version 18.10FP2c 64 bit


  • Fixed: WS-config did't remember all settings in predefined pipe/connection matrix. As a result the height of the top cover for the manhole was not copied to the manhole in the created trench.


  • Fixed: When changing Project-ID the previous WS model was still active if some of the drawing functions had failed (memory was not updated).

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Version 18.10FP2c 64 bit


  • Fixe in Norwegian W&S ini for Virtual Map.
  • New ini for Sweden vm_modeler_BH90.ini.

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