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Novapoint 18.20.FP1

Release date: 2012-04-03

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New features in Novapoint Road

Version 18.20FP1 64 bit

Excel report Quantity Summary

  • Updated: In previous versions the area of the Surface layer in the road pavamenet under the 0 surfaces was not included in the Quantity Summary report. Now included.

All EXCEL reports

  • Bugfix: In 18.20 if decimal symbol in windows settings was set to comma, the chainage values in the excel reports are multiplied by 1000. Now fixed.


  • Bugfix: In some cases the first the first Lanscaping section was not drawn to the plan drawing. Now fixed.

Road Model - Tools - Typical Cross Section Description

  • Bugfix: Preview button now working again.

New features in Novapoint Bridge

Version 18.20FP1 64 bit
  • A function for setting out 3D cross-section as a basis for AutoCAD lofting is now included

New features in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Version 18.20FP1 64 bit

Presentation - Plan drawing

  • Updated: For rotation of rectangular manhole Length is set as X-axis reference line.


  • Bugfix: In LandXML export the attribute 'diameter' was interpreted as not allowed value.


  • Bugfix: Always got result for the whole trench even if trench was built for a shorter section.

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