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Novapoint 18.20.FP2

Release date: 2012-06-14

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Updates in Novapoint Base

Version 18.20FP2 64 bit
  • New functionality: Get edge line from SOLID. This functionality creates a 3DPOLYLINE from edges in a SOLID. User starts the function and picks the edges in the drawing from which one wants to create a 3DPOLYLINE

Updates in Novapoint Landscape

Version 18.20FP2 64 bit
  • New functionality: Landscape > Land use disposal > Connect one or several land use areas
  • Bug fixes in Elevation tools

Updates in Novapoint Road

Version 18.20FP2 64 bit

Long section from Road model

Split Long section from Road model – a new function to split a long section where the section will not fit in the frame. The function is started from Road – Draw Longitudinal Profile. Select a frame and a new datum can be selected from a selected station.

Draw Elevation Annotation has been added to the Draw Model function in the Road menu. This allows the user to select interval and manage Colour, Layer, Marker size (circle) and a range of Text properties. The old function Draw Road Elevation Annotations… is still available.

File – Export – Setting out Data The LANDXML export of the Road surfaces as TIN from the road model now includes the project name as well as the road surface name. The project name will be added to the layer name when the LANDXML file is imported to Civil 3D.

Alignment design The Connect – Add Line and Connect has been fixed

Kenyan Cross Section format has been updated.

Road Build. The Build function under Model - Build and the Build run from the Refresh all chainage in the cross section viewer now carry out the same build when Connection alignments and External models are active. The Apply function in all road model dialogues now only applies when the cross section viewer is open and also only applies to the Chainage shown. This performs the same calculation as the Refresh current chainage in the cross section viewer. Note both these functions only calculate the viewed cross section and the wire frame and all other cross sections are deleted.

Advanced Road Pavement. Some minor fixes. All 15 layers are now available.

Updates in Railway

Generation of ballast in 2 layers

18.20 FP1 introduced the possibility of defining multi-layer ballast. In this version we introduce the creating of dual-layer ballast in the Cross Section Wizard. Each rail definition now has two paramaters for ballast height, uppper and lower. When both are given values (they will have values as standard), the ballast layers are created automatically. This will include cant situations and double track as well. The upper ballast will follow the ballast surface while the lower will follow the formation level.

Multi-datum Long sections

Also note that the multi-datum feature introduced for Road long sections is also available for Rail long sections. This allows long sections to use different base heights for different sections, to enable sections with unusually large differences in height to be drawn in a single section.

Updates in Novapoint Noise

Improved speed

Calculations are somewhat quicker than previously, especially with Powerpack. See Noise Powerpack 18.30.

Test commands now in menu

Some commands that where defined as test commands, are now in the menu, under Noise > Tools. See Tools.

The program does not freeze during calculation

While the program was calculating, it could seem to hang if you switched to another program and back again. The status line would not update. This is now fixed.

Pressing <Esc> in another program could interrupt calculation

If a calculation was running in Noise, pressing <Esc> in another program could cause the calculation to interrupt. This is now fixed, so that AutoCAD must have focus when you press <Esc> to interrupt the calculation.

Crash during calculation

An error which in rare cases caused crash during calculation is now fixed.

Limitation in layer name length

Earlier AutoCAD versions had a limitation of 31 characters in layer names and other AutoCAD related names. The removal of this limitation was not reflected in the program code of Noise and could cause crash if layer names had more than 31 characters. The error is fixed.

Improvements in Powerpack

Start Powerpack

Powerpack can now be started from Novapoint, with the menu choice:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Noise > External calculation > Start calculation

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

Version 18.20FP2 64 bit

New functionality

Functionality for defining niches is now included in a beta version. Can be used for testing purposes.

Error corrections

  • Triangulation of scannerdata failed for some projects. This is corrected.
  • Triangulation of scannerdata: The proposed values for from- and to chainage values failed in some situations. This is corrected.
  • Cross-section analysis for cross-sections with scanner data failed in some situations. This is corrected.
  • Volume calculations failed in some situations. This is corrected.
  • The coordinates in crossfall-rotated coordinate system were calculated wrongly for tunnel profiles defined as not rotated. This is corrected.
  • Railroad projects: Tunnel profile coordinates are now calculated with the correct offset from the top rail to the horizontal geometry ref.line. This is also included now in the survey data export.
  • Cross-section drawings: When drawing scanned surfaces on the cross-section drawing, these scanned surfaces sometimes were drawn with an offset compared to the tunnel geometry.
  • Cross-section drawings: Some placements of measure lines and annotations are corrected.
  • Distance plan drawings: The error that caused a crash when storing the distance intervals set up is corrected.
  • Distance plan drawings: Several errors are corrected in the distance plan drawing functionality
  • 3D-drawing: The functionality for both making 3D-drawings with 3DFaces and Surfaces are corrected and stabilized.
  • The cross-section drawing dialog and the geology- and rock support drawing dialog: The help texts for dynamic values in the title field are improved.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Version 18.20FP2 64 bit


Added new function for multi editing attributes for manholes. In construction head menu Edit > Connections > Multiedit, and on rightclick menu on manholes in graphic plan drawing.

3D presentation

  • 3D-polylines: Added more attribute data on reference points. List information in drawing using command XDLIST, and select center bottom reference point for manhole.
  • 3D-SOLID: Added new possibility to draw only outside surface of manhole and pipes.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian version

  • Feature: Symbol size - New command for re-scale all signs according to the current symbol scale (#1471)

Danish version

  • Bugfix: G15:Rundkørsel - Directly fatal error when starting this sign. (#1490)

Finnish version

  • Bugfix: Portal - cable boxes was coming out from beam (#1503)

Norwegian version

  • Feature: Symbol size - New command for re-scale all signs according to the current symbol scale (#1471)
  • Feature: New sign - 717 added to library (#1492)
  • Improvment: TSEXPLODE - color for inner geometry in text follows plate background (#1493)
  • Bugfix: Menu - “Jernbaneskilt” removed from pull-down menu (#1491)
  • Bugfix: GRIPS - was not ok for rotated signs (#1504)
  • Bugfix: 518.0 - part of the sign did not have correct color (#1509)

Swedish version

  • Feature: Symbol size - New command for re-scale all signs according to the current symbol scale (#1471)
  • Improvment: TSEXPLODE - color for inner geometry in text follows plate background (#1493)
  • Improvment: F1-1 - arrow combination for “Two junction” same side added (#1403)
  • Improvment: F1-1 - right click option for combine mini for 2 rows added (#1554)
  • Improvment: F5 - option for 2 symbols to the left added (#1515)
  • Improvment: F5 - support for user defined width added (#1541)
  • Improvment: Save image - improved image quality for font inside “color field” (#1540)
  • Bugfix: GRIPS - was not ok for rotated signs (#1504)
  • Bugfix: C16 & C17 - it was a fatal error if input without decimal (#1514)
  • Bugfix: F-signs - the arrow color was wrong on background yellowish green (#1555)
  • Bugfix: F5 - distance from text to border on left direction was wrong (#1545)
  • Bugfix: F8-1 - it was not possible to move text by using arrow in GUI (#1552)
  • Bugfix: F9 - the width of sign was not correct (#1536)
  • Bugfix: F9 - support for F27 under “bubble” added (#1537)
  • Bugfix: F9 - support brown background color in “bubble” added (#1538)
  • Bugfix: F27 - legal input is now same as standalone when used inside other signs (#1539)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

 * Bugfix: Fixed a fatal error case releted to AutoCAD Civil 3D (#1574)

Updates in Novapoint Arealplan

Version 18.20FP2 64 bit
  • Norwegian version updates sosi 4.5 eksport
  • Swedish version updated with cleanup
  • Swedish version updated “search for land use planning” table.

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Version 6.4.0 (Released June 2012)

New features

  • AutoCAD 2013 compatibility
  • 3DConnexion 3d-mouse support
  • 3D Stereo display support (option in configuration)
  • Viewpoint markers

Major bug fixes:

  • Slow framerate with many pipes in hidden group
  • LandXML file path should be relative to dwg
  • VM thinks xref files on mesh layers are mesh blocks
  • Multiple plugin items generate same elements even not listed in plugin settings
  • After changing resolution, the tool windows may lie off screen
  • VRML export exports viewer package instead png textures only
  • LandXML virtual layers vs. localization
  • Switching sub-groups on/off slow
  • 64bit model export package won't work on computers that don't have VM in-stalled
  • VM6.3 drops elements underground, VM6.2 did not do that
  • Fence interpolation not working as in VM62
  • Culling trees when exporting video unnecessarily causes lost trees
  • LandXML export fails to export triangles from sub-groups
  • Interpolate_to building still not working OK
  • Config with over 1000 materials don't read material parameters correctly
  • Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering: Disable when not supported
  • Exported model does not start properly from network drive
  • No open gl available ⇒ Warning with exit proposal
  • Standalone installer 2013 compatible

Known issues:

  • Virtual Map can in some cases generate duplicated groups when using XREF.
  • Reading a Novapoint 18.10 road model upgrades the VIPS file automatically to 18.20.

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