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Novapoint 18.20.FP3

Release date: 2012-12-05

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Updates in Novapoint Base

Version 18.20FP3 64 bit

Create edge from SOLID

  • Strange behavior when used with ACAD2013 is fixed.

Terrain Information - Section from 3D Drawing

  • A cross section through a 3D surface in a tunnel project did not work, now fixed.

Updates in Novapoint Road

Version 18.20FP3 64 bit

Bug Fixes

All versions:

  • Crash when drawing cross-sectins from terrain model with interval 1m

New Function: Draw 3D Object along an alignment…

  • Road - 3D Presentation - Draw 3D Object along an alignment…

Detailed description here: Draw 3D Object along an alignment…

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Version 18.20FP3 64 bit

New Function: Draw 3D Object along an alignment…

  • Railway - 3D Presentation - Draw 3D Object along an alignment…

Detailed description here: Draw 3D Object along an alignment…

Changes in the model calculation

  • Ballast. When user has changed the total thickness of the ballast in the pavement description, the ballast surface description (top part of the model) is now calculated correctly when re-running the Cross section wizard. This applies especially to the total thickness of the ballast.
  • Geometry of the ballast shoulder is calculated now correctly.
  • If user has used alignments as surface edge in surfaces that are not used by the model (created with Cross section wizard), those alignments are not anymore removed when re-running the Cross section wizard.
  • Fixed an issue when the model was not correct if two separate vertical alignments were used in the model.

Import Railway alignment from external terrain model

  • If a railway alignment is replicated from an external terrain model, also the cant values are now replicated.

Updates for Novapoint Tunnel

Version 18.20FP3 64 bit
  • For certain situations the system crashed when drawing cross-section drawings. This is now corrected.
  • 3D-drawing - Surface option: Now the surfaces are drawn without grips point. This makes the drawing less heavy.
  • 3D-drawing: Sometimes the system crashed when the user changed the layer name. This is now corrected.
  • 3D-drawing. The system crashed for some models. This is now corrected.
  • 3D-drawing: When there were large geometry shifts for the inner profile, but at the same time the perimeter was defined as an offset of the inner profile, then the perimeter didn't always follow the inner profile geometry. This is now corrected.
  • Now it is support for straight walls both on the left and right side of the tunnel - also for independently rotated tunnel walls.
  • For some situations when the user shifted from individual rotated walls to the same rotation for the whole tunnel profile, some data for independently rotated walls were not deleted. This caused wrong tunnel geometry. This is now corrected.
  • Negative alpha-angles for the inner profile caused wrong tunnel geometry. This is now corrected.
  • It was previously not possible to define the tunnel model for negative chainage values. This is now corrected.
  • When the tunnel definition ended at exactly the same chainage value as the road surface, then the system didn't always find the road surface edges. This is now corrected.
  • The elevation arrow for the railroad models is now shown in the tunnel design dialog.
  • Geology- and rock support registration: For some situations the longitudinal lines marking the abutments and the tunnel center line were not shown. This is now corrected.
  • Geology- and rock support registration: The symbols for foliation and discontinuous rock was not shown when the road couldn't be calculated. This is now corrected.
  • Geology- and rock support registration: For interval registration (Q-value, water and frost etc)the systems showed sometimes an untrue error message stating that the interval was outside the perimeter. We are not able to create this situation when testing in our office. We have extended the error message with debug information and will inform the users how to give us feedback on this error in a separate e-mail.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Version 18.20FP3 64 bit

3D Presentation

  • Changed: Last update we introduced continuous 3D-pipes. The existing method give some variance in “the solids” location compared to the reference line. Thus we go back to old method from earlier version and present pipes as single solid segments.

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 6.5.3

Version 6.5.3 (Released December 2012)

New features:

  • Meshes: smoothing
  • New values for solid tessellation; 5cm and 20 degree accuracy
  • W&S: GUI improvements
  • KM stationing presented when a railway model is added
  • LandXML: user defined main group
  • LandXML: Inframodel3 and LandXML 1.2 support
  • LandXML: Added IM_struct and IM_pipe to info text …
  • Warning message for large models when making 32-bit export

Bug fixes:

  • Image export is really slow
  • Difference when .rut file is imported from Novapoint and read from dwg
  • Newer viewer versions run out of memory (32bit)
  • New image export method quality very bad compared to old
  • Some objects disappear when navigating
  • Viewer refreshes model even standing still
  • W&S problem with manholes top elevation …
  • Autosave was broken in 6.5
  • LandXML export did not export all surfaces
  • Splash not any more always on top
  • Go to cursor when pointing out of world now works better
  • Esc key that normally cancel dialog did not work on LandXML plugin
  • LandXML: User needs to click twice to material to open material list

Known issues:

  • Dashboard transparency does not work

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