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Novapoint 18.20.FP4a

Release date: 2013-01-09

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Updates for Tunnel

Version 18.20.FP4a 64 bit
  • Some geology registrations were invisible in the Geology registration dialog for FP4. Among the invisible registrations were text, foliation, rock type areas, cracks, weakness zones narrower than 1 meter and point- and area leakages. These registrations were not drawn in AutoCAD either. This is now corrected.

Note: No data is lost. The registration only turned invisible.

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 6.5.5

Version 6.5.5 (Released April 2013)

New features:

  • Remember viewpoint column width and order
  • Solids tessellation user control for layers
  • Long material names supported
    • Note for users:
      • Don't use older versions to edit configurations that contain longer than 15 letter material names. Older versions will cut material names to 15 letter which may make config unusable or cause wrong materials to appear into model.
      • .vm file format has been updated due to this change. Models made with 6.5.5 will not open with older Viewer versions.

Bug fixes:

  • Bring road model import up-to-date state in VM
  • Virtual layers generated by latest LandXML are not working
  • Save image quality still not same what you see on screen
  • Some models takes disturbingly long time to open
  • Wireframe mode on + enable measure mode → crash
  • Norwegian language missing when using ActiveX
  • Building can not interpolated to mesh
  • Building lost all the textures when assign texture second time
  • Model statistics reports wrong triangle amounts
  • User columns are not visible in new viewpoint dialog
  • Finnish ä, ö are not valid charcters in LandXML file
  • Generating multiple road models creates material duplicates
  • Viewer hangs when trying to move in model
  • Not all blocks are generated
  • Auto hide does not work in Viewer dialog windows
  • Video export is slow
  • Autohide should keep selected viewpoint active
  • More user friendly message for NVAPI registration problem
  • Follow ground doesn't turn camera any more
  • Virtual map modeler ignores VM object/layer properties when used in block
  • Odd modeler behavior with Group Add/Delete
  • NP W&S plugin compatibility with NP18.20
  • Improve “out of memory”-situation for 32-bit / ActiveX
  • ActiveX: Viewer UI is not updated while downloading vm/vmz file

Known issues:

  • Civil 3D interface not working correctly in this release

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