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Novapoint 18.30.FP2a

Release date: 2012-06-29

18.30.FP2a is equal to 18.20.FP2a, but runs on Autocad platform 2013 only.

NB: Your Windows 7 must be updated to SP1 or newer to run all applications in Novapoint.

Links: Base | Road | Area Planning | Landscape | Terrain Design | Railway | Noise | Bridge Design | Tunnel | Water & Sewer | District Heating | Road Signs | Road Marking | Land Acquisition Planner | Virtual Map

Updates in Novapoint Road

T Intersection - Trafic island the a parameter can now be edited and the new value stored.
Design object - DWG blocks must be stored as 2012 DWG format or earlier.

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

Version 18.30FP2a 64 bit

New functionality

  • For railway projects, the rail reference line elevation symbol is now shown in “SOK”

Error corrections

  • The 3D-drawing with the Surface option crashed for some situations. This is now corrected.
  • The 3D-drawing with the Surface option didn't always draw the free space as a surfaces - only as cross-sections. This is now corrected
  • The cross-section drawing crashed in some situations. This is now corrected.
  • The cross-section didn't always draw the measure lines if you ordered several drawings in one session. This is now corrected
  • In the Tunnel Design dialog in some rare situations, the system didn't allow the user to define the inner profile for the whole tunnel interval. This is now corrected.
  • The distance plan drawing did in some situations, draw wrong distance polygons based on the distance points. This is now corrected.
  • The volume 3D-drawing did crash in some situations. This is now corrected.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Version 18.30FP2a 64 bit

New WS Product library

Vianova Systems launching new WS product library. First version is based on dwg-blocks, mainly in 2D. UI is based on Drag and Drop into the drawing from a menu. Library is not complete in this first version, but user can update by downloading from our support pages, when new products are added. Users will be informed when updates ar available.


  • Fixed: Deleting Virtual Map texture name gave error message


  • Fixed: Branch trench was not included in the quantity calculation, and as result of that not shown in volume reports.

3D presentation - Virtual Map

  • Fixed: WS-plugin presented manhole top cover too high related to terrain height.

Presentation - Long Section

  • Fixed: Fatal error when profile of the end of section (PipeVerPolyPoints) is duplicated, Error in LS if pipe vertical break point has larger profile number than end node.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Finnish version

  • Bugfix: Save Image - there was something wrong with save image of color filed on sign 611 (#1578)

Norwegian version

  • Bugfix: 727 - some combinations resulted in fatal error on copy/move command (#1573)

Swedish version

  • Improvment: Poles - many new symbols added (#1572)
  • Bugfix: F5 - the background color was not always ok behind road numbers (#1571)
  • Bugfix: F5 - there was not possible to delete the last text object (#1575)
  • Bugfix: F5 - the width is now automaically recalculated after edit (#1577)
  • Bugfix: F8-2 - the horizontal alignment of content between the arrows was not correct (#1576)

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