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Novapoint 18.30.FP4

Release date: 2012-12-20

18.30.fp4 is equal to 18.20.fp4, but runs on Autocad platform 2013 only.

NB: Your Windows 7 must be updated to SP1 or newer to run all applications in Novapoint.

Links: Base | Road | Area Planning | Landscape | Terrain Design | Railway | Noise | Bridge Design | Tunnel | Water & Sewer | District Heating | Road Signs | Road Marking | Land Acquisition Planner | Virtual Map

Updates in Novapoint Road

Version 18.30FP4 64 bit

Vehicle Track Analyzer

  • Road – Vehicle Track Analyzer… fixed crash in some drawings.

Draw Cross-sections

  • Road – Draw Cross-sections… when choosing intervals some surfaces disappeared. Fixed.

3D Presentation

  • Veg – 3D Presentation – 3D Object along line… fixes for surfaces that is not continuous. Support for 2013 block.

Draw Road Model

  • Road > Road Model – Data - Advanced Road Pavement… now possible to have multiple alignments on the right and left side as surface edges.

  • Road > Draw Road Model - Draw Hatched Surfaces - now possible to draw Hatched Surfaces on one side only:

Road Model

  • Road > Road Model – Data - Advanced Road Pavement… now possible to have many alignments on right and left side for surface edges .


Updates for Tunnel

Version 18.30.FP4 64 bit
  • The functionality for niches and crossing tunnels is improved and is now fully operational for making 3D-drawings. There are still some known errors, so the user must be careful when using this functionality. Drawing production, volume calculation and setting out data do still not support niches and crossing tunnels.
  • An error causing negative volume calculation results for some situations is now corrected.
  • The model space drawing for geology and rock support did crash for some situations. This is now corrected.
  • Cross-section drawing: The elevation arrow for SOK for railroad projects is now drawn at the correct place on the rail.
  • 3D-Drawing: The layer names in the ordering dialog is remembered from session to session - even for the new elements; niches and crossing tunnels

Updates in Novapoint WS

Version 18.30.FP4 64 bit

Product Library

  • New and extensive library consisting of over 1000 parts in 3D
  • Easy and intuitive workflow, pick from library and set out to drawing
  • Functionality for automatically generated tags and export of part list to Excel
  • New template files adapted to the library

Known bugs and issues:

  • Only available with Norwegian configuration
  • Function 'Pos.nummer og tabell' deactivates the AutoCAD variable “attdia”.
  • Insert object to rotated UCS is not supported.
  • Some product categories is not fully completed yet. These will be updated continously in 2013.

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 6.5.4

Version 6.5.4 (Released December 2012)

New features:

  • https protocol support for viewer and ActiveX

Bug fixes:

  • Image export dialog broken
  • Dashboard transparency did not work any more
  • Problems with transparency sorting
  • Sometimes model went blank
  • LandXML import dialog, translation missing

Known issues:

  • Measure distances tool makes Viewer crash when used in wireframe mode
  • Save VM file function (found in Viewer's Material editor) rescales pipes

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