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Novapoint 18.30.FP4h

Release date: 2013-09-27

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Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

  • Linear interpolation of straight walls is now available - both for inner profile and perimeter.
  • The possibility for defining a road surface edge line as a reference line for cross-section height is now removed.
  • The base line for unrotated railroad cross-sections was sometimes skew leading to a skew cross-section as well. This is now corrected.
  • LandXML export: If you choose the LandXML option (not the Leika option) only the upper arch of the inner profile and perimeter are now exported. The road surface and base are not exported. For the Leika option the road surface is still exported together with the inner profile and the base together with the perimeter as closed cross-sections.
  • LandXML export: For some situations too many cross-fall changes were exported. This is now corrected.
  • LandXML export: The number of exported points in the arcs did sometimes not match the adjacent cross-sections so that the receiving system wasn't able to interpolate. This is now corrected.
  • When using some drawing templates (such as Norconsult's standard template e.g.) sometimes the text on the cross-section drawing wasn't drawn. This is now corrected.
  • When the user for the second time opened the dialog for geology and rock support layout generation, the dynamic parameters inserted in the title field table were messed up. This is now corrected.
  • For tunnels with high chainage numbers, the geology- and rock support figure changed after saving.This was caused by too few digits accuracy when writing the file. This is now corrected.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Danish version

  • Improvment: TSINFO - now supporting to draw info on insert, not only from the “information” dialogue (#2052)
  • Bugfix: Licensing - standard version was not working as designed (#2034)
  • Bugfix: General - insertion point for symbol was not ok after rotate. Insertion point now follows the GRIPS, not the geometry (#2050)
  • Bugfix: General - “insert button” and “drag & drop” result in different size of the sign in dwg (#2053)

Finnish version

  • Feature: New sign - 941-1 added to library (#2387)
  • Improvment: 344 - design updated according to latest design standard (#2176)
  • Improvment: 365 - additional arrow combinations added (#2380)
  • Bugfix: General - legal lamella heights updated (#2073)
  • Bugfix: General - improved the handling of HATCH (#2075)
  • Bugfix: 611 - distance from arrow to text adjusted (#1963)
  • Bugfix: 611 - alignment of content adjusted (#2074)
  • Bugfix: 612 - there was something wrong with area calculation (#2072)
  • Bugfix: 704 - there was something wrong with text alignment (#2386)

Norwegian version

  • Feature: New sign - 707.2 added to library (#2025)
  • Feature: New sign - 707.3 added to library (#2026)
  • Improvment: 751 - design updated according to latest design standard (#2048)
  • Improvment: 753.1 - design updated according to latest design standard (#2080)
  • Improvment: 753.2 - design updated according to latest design standard (#2081)
  • Improvment: 755 - design updated according to latest design standard (#2082)
  • Improvment: 757 - design updated according to latest design standard (#2083)
  • Bugfix: Grips - FATAL ERROR on “sign grips” when Road Marking was loaded (#2028)
  • Bugfix: Licensing - standard version was not working as designed (#2034)
  • Bugfix: Licensing - list of signs in standard version was not correct (#2043)
  • Bugfix: 705.2 - FATAL ERROR when used information function (#2140)
  • Bugfix: 719.12 - add row gives wrong TH on the new row (#2058)

Swedish version

  • Improvment: General - added support for multi-select in mini and service (#2145)
  • Improvment: General - supporting to move “mini” in front of “road number” inside “color field” (#1698)
  • Bugfix: TSINFO - info about real size added (#1758)
  • Bugfix: TSINFO - location for information was not ok after copy (#2033)
  • Bugfix: TSEXPLODE - option with color was missing (#2029)
  • Bugfix: A3 & A4 - added support for slope from 6 (#2042)
  • Bugfix: F1-2 - it was in some combinations not supported to delete mini or text (#1807)
  • Bugfix: F5 - rouanding of corner of the sign was not ok when only service and left direction (#1944)
  • Bugfix: F5 - added support for more than 4 symbols under text (#2017)
  • Bugfix: F5 - signs with backgroud color white was not ok if using F33 (#2110)
  • Bugfix: F8-2 - arrowhead was not ok in some combinations (#1806)
  • Bugfix: F8-3 - design updated according to latest design standard (#1755)
  • Bugfix: F8-2 & F8-3 - it's now possible to have arrow as only visible object (#1420)
  • Bugfix: F8-2 & F8-3 - FATAL ERROR when add row at the same time as focus on arrow (#1603)
  • Bugfix: F9 - alignment of content in “color field” improved (#1765)
  • Bugfix: F35 - some arrow combinations was missing (#2363)
  • Bugfix: F37 - now supporting to delete number (#1762)
  • Bugfix: H15 - hatch was sometimes dissapearing (#2049)
  • Bugfix: H23 - support for oversized mini (+50%) outside “color field” added (#2041)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • Bugfix: General - fixed a case that related to very slow respond in AutoCAD when cursor on top of polyline (#2030)

Danish version

  • Bugfix: MNU - menu item “QTABLE” added to the toolbar (#2044)
  • Bugfix: QTABLE - the size of the table was to big (#2047)

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 6.6.0

Version 6.6.0 (Released June 2013)

New features:

  • Novapoint 19 DCM Import, updated version

Bug fixes:

  • Texturing algorithm for meshes
  • Alpha channel not working with shadows on
  • Config with 15000 lines crashes AutoCAD
  • Moving with drive mode is not ok
  • Polyline segmentation_distance should not remove any existing vertices
  • Random crashes when multiple users edit viewpoints at same time
  • Enable shaders makes road markings disappear
  • When editing material and saving it - .vm file cannot be opened after that
  • F1 did not launch help when model was not loaded
  • Virtual Map rescales pipes when saving VM file from viewer
  • Civil 3D interface fixed

Known issues:

  • No known critical issues

Updates in Novapoint Terrain Design

  • Terrain> Slope Surface: Changed calcluation method in breakpoints. When sharp angleds, the slope calculations are rounded.
  • Terrain> Slope Surface: Fixed bug in volum calculation for large XY-coordinates.

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