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Novapoint 18.40

Release date: 2014-09-25
Version 18.40.FP4l

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Support for AutoCAD 2015 products

All applications should work as it do in 18.30.FP4l.
View relase notes for 18.30 for changes details in 18.30.FP4l.

Updates in Novapoint Road

Version 18.40.FP4l 64 bit


All versions:

Draw Road model

There has been added two new choices in function “Draw Road model”:

  • Draw 3D surfaces

Gives you the ability to draw each surface included in superstructure into a unique AutoCAD layer.

  • Draw 3D solids

Gives you the ability to draw each superstructure layer as a 3D solid, drawn into a - for the solid - unique AutoCAD layer.

Updates for Novapoint Tunnel

  • We have now corrected more errors found in the cross-fall values listed in the LandXML report from Novapoint Tunnel. We encourage all users to take extra care when doing the quality assurance of the exported LandXML-file.
  • The volume calculation is now corrected

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