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Using AutoCAD functions

AutoCAD is a general computer aided drawing tool with a number of functions that can be used in conjunction with the design phase of Alignment. In Novapoint Alignment Design most of these AutoCAD functions have been preserved.

Line - Arc - Polyline

AutoCAD’s basic functions form the foundation of Novapoint Alignment Design. For the AutoCAD functions to add elements at least one (element) must be drawn in the model area of AutoCAD with the aid of “internal” functionality, for example “add (element) combination”. For more information, see the topic 'From Drawing'.


AutoCAD has a number of snap functions. These functions can be used to add fixed points to the alignment.


  • When editing the vertical geometry; enable the Ortho function when moving fixed points vertically or horizontally. Ortho is toggled on and off with F8 on the keyboard.


When the construction line is placed in editing mode (by selecting the line) fixed points are marked with “grip” symbols. By selecting these grip symbols the fixed points can be moved graphical. This method of editing the line can be combined with the Snap-function to manually place the fixed points.


  • While selecting grips, select several grip points by holding down the shift button. The selected grip points will be marked in red. Just moving one of the highlighted points will move all the selected grips. The grip points will be moved to the same distance/amount in both X and Y planes, and also Z (height) (depending whether this has been performed in plan (Horizontal Geometry) view or profile (Vertical Geometry)).

Construction line

AutoCAD’s drawing and editing functions can be used simultaneously though Alignment Design is active. This ability enables the user to create construction lines with AutoCAD functions without closing the Alignment Design.


All the Zoom-functions of AutoCAD are active and can be called when working within Alignment Design. Similarly Pan functions. Apart from the AutoCAD Zoom-functions additional functions like Zoom Selected Element(s), Zoom All Elements, etc., available with Alignment Design, which are programmed to suit while working with alignment design can be used.

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