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Search Tips

All searches are performed in page names and in full-text, where page name hits are listed first. To limit your search to a specific namespace; include the namespace preceeded by ”@” in the query. (e.g. “Quadri” @en:np).

The actions taken depends then upon what button is pressed;

  • If “Go” is pressed; WikiNova will attempt to jump to the specific page named in the search field.
  • If ”Search” is pressed; WikiNova will search for the specified text in full-text.

Namespace Defaulting

The namespace defaulting has three levels:

  1. If the current language cannot be determined, the search is restricted to English language pages. (As if @en was specified.)
  2. If the current language can be determined, the search is restricted to pages in the current language. (As if @lc was specified, where ”lc” is replaced by the current language code; see Language Codes in WikiNova.)
  3. If @namespace is specified, this overrides any other restrictions, and limits the search to the specified namespace. (In effect, the first element of @namespace is always the desired language.)
To search in all languages, end your query with ” @”.

Search Results

The search results are presented as such:

  1. Matching page names are listed in alphabetical order. These are not subject to namespace restrictions.
  2. Pages with full-text matches are listed in order of most to least hits. If a page is calculated to have a high relevance an excerpt from the text will be shown.

Example Searches

For all examples as shown are recommended, but not required.

Finds all pages including the word “quadri” in the current language.

  "Quadri" @fr

Finds all pages in French that includes the word “quadri”.

  "Alignment" @en:np:road @en:np:waterway

Finds all pages in English that includes the word “alignment”, and reside in or below the namespaces en:np:road or en:np:waterway.


Jumps to the page en:np:waterway:start.

  +quadri +line -draw

Finds pages with text containing “quadri” and “line” , but removes pages also containing “draw”

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