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Novapoint 18.10

Releasedatum: 2010-03-22

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NP 18.10 Fjärrvärme 32-bit

Nyheter och förbättringar FV 18.10

-Man kan dölja delningsträckor

-Rita 3dsolider

-Man kan rita en böj direkt på en böj

-Läget för nodmarkeringar lagras i modellen, dvs det ritas ut på samma ställe även om man byter dwg

-Ritade man bågrör med utritningsfunktionen och plushöjd från terrängmodell blev de fel i profil

-Nytt format på konfigurationsdatabasen (inte bakåtkompatibelt)

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Version 6.1

New features

  • New method for handling large XREF scenes. XREF method can be selected when re-activating XREF in Model menu. First method is the old method using AutoCAD undo which sometimes fail and caused memory usage increase because of bug in AutoCAD undo. New method doesn’t use undo, but saves dwg, then generates model and then re-opens it, so avoiding the use of undo.
  • Novapoint Water & Sewer support; direct link to database and automatic model generation.
  • LandXML import supports irregular line elements from alignments.
  • LandXML import new feature “Locked” allows users to unlock surfaces from cut operations allowing LandXML surfaces to cut into each other in order of configuration.
  • Changed group behavior so that generation of elements is not affected by groups. For example interpolation nor target layer doesn’t depend on groups, groups function only as on/off for elements.
  • AutoCAD layer name is saved as object property and can be seen in Viewer InfoTool with “Show Ad-vanced Info for Every Object” setting.
  • New tool in Modeler / Configuration Summary will show summary of configuration and useful info like: Layers with no VM definition, Layers with multiple VM definitions, List of all layers and VM definitions and VM definitions with no matching layer.
  • Pipes with 0.0 thickness can now be highlighted with InfoTool.
  • City of Bodø (Norway) added to city list for sunlight analysis function.
  • Purge has new option to purge unused groups.
  • Target layer now works on material areas and roadlines with patch mode and doesn’t depend on group.
  • Help button available in LandXML and WS import.
  • Default value for fog has been lowered to make models more clear when looked far away.
  • Texture compression made available on lower end ATI graphics cards making models with many textures run much faster.

Bug fixes

  • Numerous stability fixes when modeler crashed during model generation.
  • Sometimes Viewer loaded model fine but no 3d was displayed.
  • Meshes with large dimensions or insertion point in 0,0 was sometimes shaking in Viewer.
  • Modeler now ignores 3dfaces with all corners in 0,0,0 that sometimes come from Novapoint Bridge and caused erratic model dimensions and large dimension blocks.
  • Buildings now become same height independent of base height parameter (fix for SOSI buildings).
  • Purge will not remove material areas any more that have only solids.
  • Purge now keeps order of road lines and ditches untouched to keep model generation order untouched.
  • Purge now considers also layers in multiple level xref files.
  • Licensing dialog shows always if license check fails, previously users were not able to change licensing type if license check failed.
  • Groups now work for element chains with 3d objects.
  • Turning audio off now turns all audio off.
  • Model dimensions become now correct if there is no surface like when generating only pipes

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