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Novapoint 18.20.FP4j

Release date: 2014-06-16

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Updates in Novapoint Base

Version 18.20.FP4fj 64 bit

Base Terrain Model - Grid Model

  • Changedt: Import in Grid Model of Laser Scan data files have increased legal line length from 5000 to 10000 characters in input data files.
  • Fixed: Import LandXML - problems with concatenated alignment names. May produce alignment names > 24 char causing np to crash.

Reset User Settings

  • Changed: It is now possible to delete temporary Novapoint folders in Windows TEMP folder.

Updates in Novapoint Landscape

Version 18.20.FP4fj 64 bit

Veichle path diagrams

  • Out of date diagrams are removed. If you already have used the Veichle path diagrams, then run “Reset User Settings” from start menu to update the diagrams.

Updates for Novapoint Road

Version 18.20.FP4fj 64 bit
  • Draw Longitudinal Profile from Terrain Model. Pick line did not work.
  • The geometry was incorrectly calculated for closed ditches first defined in the WS-module and then connected to the road when the ditch reference line was placed close to the ditch side. This is now corrected.
  • Alignment Design: Fixed error not notifying user if vertical geometry differed in drawing vs. Quadri.)
  • Alignment Design: Modified reading of vertical geometry to better handle very large radiuses.
  • Alignment Design: Clothoide parameter was not recalculated when adjacent elements were deleted.

Updates for Novapoint Tunnel

Version 18.20.FP4fj 64 bit
  • The road connection points for inner tunnel profiles with independent rotated walls were sometimes set wrong in the tunnel geometry file. This is now corrected.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Version 18.20.FP4j 64 bit


  • Fixed: Empty Excel-reports on some Win8/Office13 PCs

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

All versions

  • Bugfix: General - FATAL ERROR when hatch in combination with Road Sign blocks (#2951)

Finnish version

  • Bugfix: General - the text style changed when exploding the sign (#2940)
  • Bugfix: General - size of sign was not the same when using drag & drop (#2807)
  • Bugfix: 612 - alignment was incorrect if text size is 100 (#3072)
  • Bugfix: 611MB - the dimension of the juction distance was not correct (#3026)
  • Bugfix: 633 & 642 - changing the order was not working (#2935)
  • Bugfix: 641 - alignment options improved (#2939)
  • Bugfix: 641 & 643 - text alignment adjusted (#2928)
  • Bugfix: 642M - placement of the arrow adjusted (#3025)
  • Bugfix: 645 - legal input values for distance number updated (#3024)
  • Bugfix: 648 - distance between text and arrow adjusted (#3732)
  • Bugfix: 661M - text alignment for dimension adjusted (#3022)

Norwegian version

  • Bugfix: 715 - preview was not ok when using intersection number (#3804)
  • Bugfix: 560.0 - vertical distance to border updated at top and bottom (#3774)
  • Bugfix: 703.1 - row in front of arrow inside color-field was not working (#2962)
  • Bugfix: 703.2 - vertical alignment for color-field updated (#3243)
  • Bugfix: color field - move row up/down with arrow was not working (#3756)

Swedish version

  • Improvment: F-signs - support for user defined width added for some F-signs (#2444)
  • Improvment: F2 - added support for more arrow combinations (#3048)
  • Improvment: F29 - added support for new standard (#2533)
  • Improvment: T7-1 to T7-9 - support for more text rows added (#3763)
  • Improvment: T12 - support for user defined width added (#1982)
  • Bugfix: TSEXPLODE - TH was not ok if run explode from outline mode (#3177)
  • Bugfix: TSTABLE - function did not draw table on first run (#3731)
  • Bugfix: TSTABLE - wrong area for F7 (#3798)
  • Bugfix: TSTABLE - wrong sign number for F7 in combination with F27 (#3799)
  • Bugfix: F7 - information about area & height was not ok for combination with F27 (#3172)
  • Bugfix: F17 - combination with T2 added (#3180)
  • Bugfix: F27 - horizontal round-up was not active in Lamella Editor (#3169)
  • Bugfix: T17 - support for more text rows added (#3755)

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 7.0.0

Version 7.0.0 (Released June 2014)

New features:

  • AutoCAD 2015 support
  • Navigation modes similar to DCM Base and VDC Explorer
  • IFC Import
  • Generic 3D model format support, MeshImport plugin (import)
  • Publish to VDC Live (cloud based model server at
  • Save Attribute values as ObjectInfo
  • Export Geometry: Add support for Collada format
  • New Virtual Map ribbonbar in AutoCAD
  • Export FBX
  • Option to load group state without changing viewpoint
  • Save group status to .lastlocation-file
  • OBJ export speed improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Problems with UV mapping in exported geometry
  • Improvements to FBX export format selection
  • Export geometry with area crop won't crop imported meshes or pipes
  • Unloading xref that contains xrefs removes all xrefs from model
  • 32-bit Viewer package is missing a dll file
  • Joystick does not work in 64-bit Virtual Map
  • ESC menu hidden in full screen mode
  • Error when 3D stereo mode is enabled
  • Missing files in surface and road models are ignored by modeler
  • Login check before exporting/uploading a model
  • Civil3D plugin missing from DCM19.20 and NP18.x installers
  • Cannot dock floating 3D window
  • Text dimensions are determined incorrectly in viewer causing slow fps
  • Full screen messes up 3d-view docking
  • Regression: Pick point / close polyline does not work
  • OBJ material names get combined
  • Show 32bit / 64bit in about box
  • Translation error: Load Group state and Update group state
  • Material physics friction contain random values

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